Half Skrill

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Picture of a Skrill
  • Dusk 5pm-6pm (I think it's around that time)
  • Onyx or Amythyst

Based on the half night fury spell on here but you become a skrill instead. Original belongs to ShepherdGirl.

Casting Instructions for 'Half Skrill'

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Place the picture in front of you while holding either gemstone and chant this

"Swift as air, Purple as the lighting, let the children be filled with fear. My wish is to become a Half Skrill. To rule the skies as the unholy offspring of lightning itself. I will be able to transform into the Skrill completely at will, with little pain. To transform, I must visualize the change, to return, I must do the same. So mote it be."

I don't know if it works but i thought i would try it out since the skrill is less loved (I love both the skrill and the nightfury) ((I don't know the side effects either so don't ask))

I don't know if they exist along with the nightfury though...well. that's what you get from someone whos dumb when it comes to dragonology. I'm still learning ;n;

(don't kill me nightshade. i was just inspired by your spell that i had to make something like it. hopefully you don't despise skrills with you being a nightfury and all..don't kill me ;n;)

This article was contributed by User280894

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