Simple Healing Spell For Pain

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Large Bandaide or large masking piece of tape.

Good for muscle aches and to help with post surgical pain. Do NOT substitute doctors care for Spells but use with them. I have used this spell a lot on myself and others as well. It takes time.

Casting Instructions for 'Simple Healing Spell For Pain'

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Hope the bandage or tape in your hand and charge it with healing energy, Blue is the best color to sooth pain but it depends on the cause of the pain. For wounds, Use red, as it will help with the closing of the wound.

As you send the energy into the tape, say the following chant as many times as you feel you need to....

"Powers of the earth and the Dragons/Gods come to me.
Give me the powers that right now I so do need.
Healing powers in this tape I bind to thee,
as I will it, so then will it be.
And if more power this spell may need,
May the Dragons/Gods then, as they wish, intercede."

When done and sure the tape is charged. Place the take/bandaid on the painful area of your body. Leave it there till the pain either cuts down or disappears.

NOTE: Obviously you can not put the tape on your head if you bump your head or something. If that is the case, you can do the same spell to your favorite hat. My sister did that once and it worked for her.

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