Shadow Dragon Transformation (My own spell)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Belief
  • An idea of what the dragon you want to look like looks like.

This spell is exactly what the title states. It should be instant, however allow up to a week if not transformed before trying again. I am still 'new' to casting, so if it doesn't work, message me.

Casting Instructions for 'Shadow Dragon Transformation (My own spell)'

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Go to a place where you can be alone. Pets don't count, but be sure to not crush them.

Chant this once:
Shadows,shadows enter me, bend, twist, conjure
I wish for your power to enter me,bend you at will,
My loyal servant of Darkness.
Dragons,Dragons, make me what I'm meant to be.
With wings large enough for air, and scales no softer than steel, a powerful body no less than 200 feet tall, with jagged horned and well earned fangs, a proud dragon shall soar the skies.
Servants of Darkness and dragons flying high, take my wish, shout it, grant it, for by the time I'm done, I will soar with you as an immortal dragon of darkness
The shadows I shall bend, and even the kings will fear my name, this spell is binding, more binding than the promise of a hero!
So hear my plea, for this is my wish, so mote it be!

After you cast the spell, as of now, there is no way to turn back to human. I will make a reverse spell if enough people want to change back.

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