Protecting a home

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Pure white candel
  • and a voice

to prtect your home and family

Casting Instructions for 'Protecting a home Spell'

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light the candel at your front door. Drip 3 drops of wax at the enterance of your door and say 3 times

"by the power of 3 by 3 may this protect me and my family"

You must say this 3 times for it to work. This needs to be said wile you are dripping the 3 drops of wax. If you drop a few more than 3 drops by accident that is fine. Just keep going. Repet this for every opening to your home (doors, widows, even the opening of fire places). When you have fiished with all the areas of you home or room you have to let the candel burn out by it's self (I sugest a small one). I put mine in a sink or the bath tub so nothing catches on fire. This will keeps all sprits and evil magik out of your home. The only way a sprit or spell gets into your home is if you let it in. other than that spirits just see a blank area. they know something is supost to be there but they cant get to it and they have no idea why so dont get scared if you see one looking at you they cant see you they are just trying to see whats there. Godd luck for you and I wish you my best.

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