Hair Growth and Repair Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • an empty shampoo or conditioner bottle without stickers, e.g. name brand.
  • any desired shampoo and conditioners.
  • hairspray.
  • cologne or perfume.
  • Belief and Patience.

This spell will grow the casters hair to they're desired length and repair damaged or thinned hair.
cannot repair baldness sorry.

Casting Instructions for 'Hair Growth and Repair Spell'

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Firstly you will want to mix shampoo and conditioner into the empty shampoo bottle,careful it can get messy if you don't tilt the bottle the right way. Next you will add the hairspray and spray two times into the shampoo bottle. And after that you will spray your desired cologne or perfume and spray once into the bottle. Then screw back on the bottle cap and mix vigorously until you think its well mixed. And your done the first part of the spell.
Now the second part of the spell requires belief and patience.
before you shower or bathe take the mixed ingredients with you(Do not mix shampoo's or other hair products with the mixture as it can effect the spells potency) mix ingredients into hair don't wash it out yet, Then Chant 3 Times to yourself e.g. talking low.

My hair shall grow like finest weeds
My energy will be like little seeds.
it will grow thicker longer and faster
to my (desired length) it will be
Gods And Goddesses Mote It Be.

Then rinse out the mixture and let you hair air dry and don't comb it while its wet

what to expect from the spell?

longer healthier looking hair
less hair falling out
silky smooth feel

That about covers it. message me if you've done this to send me more side effects.


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