Diet Spell

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Waning Gibbous Moon
Waning Gibbous
61% Full
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Plain white 7 day advent candle (The kind in a tall glass holder)
  • Picture of yourself at current weight
  • Rubber bands or string

This spell will only HELP you loose weight. To help along with eating right and exercizing

Casting Instructions for 'Diet Spell'

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Start this spell on the 3 day after the Full Moon. If possible at the start of the week (Sunday, Monday or Tuesday). Hold the candle in you hands and as you charge it with energy to help you loose weight say the following 3x:
''With the waning of the moon this spell I now begin; To help me loose weight and back in shape I wish to be in. As this candle melts away, So I will loose weight each day. With the help of the gods a myself I demand pounds to melt away and bring me better health.''
Now place the candle down and take up the picture of yourself. Concentrate on the picture for a good minute. Then close your eyes and visualize the image of you slowly shrinking in size, till you wish to get to that desired weight and look. When done take the picture and warp it about the candle jar. Use rubber bands or cord to hold it against the jar. Now light the candle. And as you do say the following''
''I wish to lose weight I don?t need This spell will help me to succeed I?ll exercise, eat healthy food I?ll be resolved in mind and mood I?ll be more healthy, this I vow I?ll work to lose weight, starting now''
Let the candle burn during your workout and one hour after that. Then extinguish it. Repeat this spell everyday till the candle is burned out.


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