Weight Loss Spell!

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Consentration
  • White candle (optional)
  • Picture of the castee (optional)
  • Belief

Side Effects~ Very happy at times, Angry at the drop of a hat , and of course weight loss. NOTE: I wrote this spell for use on another person, feel free to attempt on yourself.

Casting Instructions for 'Weight Loss Spell!'

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1) Begin by meditating for 10-15 minutes prior to casting.

2) (optional) if you don't have the candle no fears skip to 3. If you do have a candle light the candle and concentrate on the flame. Imagine your subject (or yourself) as light as the flame, weightless even. Do this for 5 minutes.

3) Now the picture is to be used if you can't accuratly visulize the person, but if you are able to you have no need for it. Visulize the subject and keep them as the focal point as your thoughts imagine them on a scale and the scales number is slowly dropping. How long u do this is all up to you.

4) Say this chant according to the amount of weight you wish to be lost. For instance, 30 pounds you say it 3 times so on so forth...

This is the chant. "I ask of thee to help a friend (or yourself) to lose unwanted weight. What they may loose in body weight may they gain in happiness. I ask of thee to assist"

After your last chant end with so mote it be.

Testamony: my best friend has struggled with bmi for years and after 2 weeks she's lost 15 pounds!!! *like all spells I don't guarenttee success* happy casting :)


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