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Kundalini Yoga DVD

Kundalini Yoga DVD
Kundalini Yoga DVD
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While the ultimate aim of yoga is beyond any particular technique, such practices can make it easier to tap one's highest potential. In this DVD, several key yogic breathing techniques will be sequentially explored, including: cleansing breath, ujjayi, kapalabhati, breath of fire, sitali. Some of the dynamic and static poses also included are: camel ride, mortar/pestle, staff(dandasana), heroes, dynamic seated forward fold, cat/cow, cobbler, squat/frog, dangling uttanasa, tree, dynamic warrior II, hara pumps, uddiyana (nauli), powerful pose, down dog, dynamic cobra/wisdom (salamasana poses, bridge with dog pant breath, face of light, sage twist, and mahumudra. Also touched upon are the chin, abdominal and root mudras.

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