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Circle Magazine #122

Circle Magazine #122

Circle Magazine #122

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Life's End Beyond: The Long Black Veil, Re-Weaving the Makings of a Good Death by H. Byron Ballard Poem: Dear Death by Blodie The Gift of Becoming a Death Midwife by Sharon Stewart When the Last Leaf Falls: Thoughts on the Edge of Forever by Kristoffer Hughes Water, Air, Fire, and Earth - Taharah, Jewish Communal Preparation of the Dead for Burial by An Elder Apprentice Eschatology, the Afterlife Then and Now by P. Sufenas Virius Lupus Poem: Born of Water by Jessica Jackson Day of the Dead: Origin and Traditions by Laura Gonzalez The Hellenic Journey of the Soul by Chris Aldridge Working in the House of the Dead by Ljot Lokads Poem: Warm Embrace by Michael Baily Poem: Below the World by Ben Gross To Hel and Back: Goddess in the Basement by Molly Roberts Morrigan and Crows by Lady Spiderwitch Poem: Peace of the Summerland by Carmen Sanchez Bezzard Understanding Stages of Grief: Advice for Caregivers by Rev. Tim "Cern" Staker Poem: Elderberry Grove by Lindsey Prine Good Grief by Rev. Paul Larson (Chiron) Poem: Rebirth of Immanence by Arica Roberts Saying Goodbye to Cameo - a Witch's Funeral by Literata Hurley

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