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Wishing Lamp Amulet

Wishing Lamp Amulet

Wishing Lamp Amulet

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Help manifest your dreams with this wishing lamp amulet. Rub between your projective hand's thumb and first two fingers while focusing on that which you desire. 1 1/4", Pewter, and comes with a cord.

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Wishing Lamp Amulet Reviews:

Rated 3 out of 5 from 3 reviews.

By on
I can think of some things I would Wish for. To be Beautiful, Smart, Lose Weight, To Find Love, Health & Wealth for both me a my family. Just to find someone who will Love me for me.
5/5 stars
By on
Already have it and it doesn't work one bit. I've tried everything but it doesn't work so I gave up on it as I know stuff like this doesn't really work at all
1/5 stars
By on
Dear Reader, This Wishing Lamp Amulet grants the wishes that I want that do not harm others it is just that a way to have my wishes come true and it works. This reminded me of the series "I Dream of Jeannie" from Hanna-Barbara Productions produced an animated series which featured Jeannie (voiced by Julie McWhirter) where I rub my wishing lamp and real magic appears before my very eyes as long as the Genie see's fit to grant the wish. I excepted the wishing lamp into my real life for all my positive wishes to come true. I believe that there is just that a positive "Genuine Genie" inside every wishing lamp that grants the endless wishes that I need in my real life. I am happy to know that all I have to do is concentrate on my wishes, rub the lamp, the wishes are granted that is the wonderful part of the wishing lamp an the magical wonders of the world. I am happy to know that the lamp is real,the Genie is real and in real time my wishes are granted. I am on the smiling side of life when I rub the lamp, this great Wishing Lamp that grants my real wishes is fun effective and grants the wishes that do not harm anyone. This lamp goes well with all the magical equipment that I have already. Thank you Sincerely rowl's
5/5 stars

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