Attack of 'unseen' evils

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Attack of 'unseen' evils

Attack of 'unseen' evils
Post # 1
Hello all, I have been a member here for awhile and I don't usually go out of my way to ask for help, but I have been under attack for years now when it comes to a certain event that occured to me about 20 years ago.

I don't know how to explain these things that have been happening to me especially in a paragraph, but the fact remains I know I have been being attacked for approximetely for 20 years and for many of those years I believed it to be just me, but I have reason to believe and know that my loved ones are being attacked too!

What I would like to know is if someone may have some advice or info about how to fight something you cannot see. I know that the attacks have been for the most part 'Black Magic,' and the reasons I believe I am being attacked I would like to remain secret at least for now. Please someone, anyone come fourth and help me out with some info at least. The attacks are so severe against me that I not only suffer physical pain from these attacks, extreme pain of many kinds; I even know that these people mean to do me harm and of course cause me to committe sucide. I have sought mental help about this through the years and the sad part is that they really don't believe me. But now it is going to my family, in particular the man I love.

Also, I want to leave the country, but I am afraid of it causing harm to my family/the man I love and in fact following me... Please help, I am losing hope and belief in even human kind.

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Re: Attack of 'unseen' evils
Post # 2
Mindandmagick's Mystery School lessons. I learned many things from his videos.

Uncrossing Ritual.

Banishing Entities.

Overcoming Fear.

Banish,Banish and Banish. Lesser Banishing of the Pentagram is a basic but powerful banishing ritual. I hope i helped you. Take care.

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Re: Attack of 'unseen' evils
Post # 3
You have been of great help and it is a place to start for me, Thank You!
BB )-(
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Re: Attack of 'unseen' evils
Post # 4
Glad to help and share. Take Care.
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Re: Attack of 'unseen' evils
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
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Re: Attack of 'unseen' evils
Post # 6
wormwood, mugwort, basil, sage, Witch hazel, bamboo, bay leaf, pinto night, not the night you perform the ritual, lock yourself in a room at night. Sit in total darkness and silence and listen and look around yourself. Your mind will start to make you see and hear things that aren't there, but keep going. Imagine horrifying figures standing and breathing behind your back, see that character from your horror movie mocking you. Hear a child crying when there is none. The goal is to scare yourself first and learn what is real and what isn't.

Now you may start the ritual.

begin by burning a sage stick and chanting around your house,

"This place is protected, no evil is permitted to enter here. Begon, all negativity."

repeat this and let the ashes fall to the ground, do not sweep/vacuum till ater.

next, gather the herbs and burn them in a flameproof bowl in the center of your house. Sit in front of the bowl and close your eyes. Try to imagine the evil hunting you and then imagine it falling to dust. repeat this until the entity falls on its own then open your windows to let the smoke drift into the air. repeat this once (or twice) a week until you feel safe/the evil is gone.

my fellow sister and I consulted and decided to help in a way for one to understand.I myself knows what you are going through. Blessed Be
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Re: Attack of 'unseen' evils
By: / Novice
Post # 7
I know someone who does an outstanding cut and clear. His work is flawless and it is all he does.

I needed help with something similar to what youre describing this summer. My friend who I go to reiki recommended him to me and I things are so much better.

If youre interested you can PM me.

Im not shilling for the guy, he'll do work for free depending on the circumstances and his work is, as i said, flawless. He can do the work remotely over skype as well. PM me if youre interested.

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Re: Attack of 'unseen' evils
Post # 8
If i were you i would buy a sage brush immediately and some lavender oil and white angelica essential oil. A few drops of lavender oil on the sage brush before lighting it. Once it's smoking wave it up and down and side to side like it is the shape of a cross, like You are letting whatever it is know that you belong to this particular coven. (A cross symbol is also a religious totem so there's a chance of aggravated response if it's really something nasty so be prepared for mayhem if it's sent from below)? Your mental state of mind is imperative for results also doing this on a waning moon is best time for a cleansing ritual. Before you begin, put some white angelica oil on you a drop on your temple's or chakra points for protection. This oil literally calls your guardian angel by your side to help you in times of need and will assist you with peaceful sleep. (Do not hesitate to call upon angelic assistace for this situation if you don't know who you are guided by? Find out immediately it will help comfort you). Don't allow fear to enter whilst doing this as it is your space not others. Once you light your lavender infused brush start with the corners of your home working your way to each corner and then every room. As you smudge say out loud or in your mind this quote "NEGATIVE ENERGY YOU MAY NOT STAY, I RELEASE IT AND SEND IT ON IT'S WAY. NEGATIVE ENERGY I BANISH THEE AND IS MY WORD SO MOTE IT BE"!
Check in with your loved ones after preforming this and assess weather it has stopped or becoming worse? If this has not stopped the attack then you may need to preform a banishing spell? Think about anyone from your current or past association's? Is there anyone in your journey who you suspect would send you harm? If you can recall someone capable of doing such harm? Contact them and keep your ears and eyes open for key questions that they may ask? Eg; how have you been sleeping? , how's your health?. You can easily find your attacker by doing so especially if it's a jilted ex lover? This process of elimination can save you time, money and energy.
I wish you all the best Andromeda call out for help anytime you need it. We are all here to try get you through this dark time. Peace be able with you
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