Thoughts on Spell Timing

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Thoughts on Spell Timing
Post # 1
Hoping for a little guidance because one of the things that still confuses me when casting is trying to figure out what constitutes night for spell timing once midnight passes. For instance, if a spell is supposed to be cast at night on a certain day of the week (ex. Saturday night) but is cast at 1 am is that still Saturday night or would that be considered Sunday morning (even though morning is generally indicated by sunrise)?

Conversely, if a spell is meant to be cast in the morning does that mean after sunrise or anytime from 12 am to 12 pm?

Thanks for any and all insight!
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Re: Thoughts on Spell Timing
Post # 2
I think it depends on the person. I try to work when I am able and have energy. If I have energy at 2:00 am sure if I do not. I will do it another time.
You could use your timing with the moon is actually at Full or New.
Some people follow the Witching Hour or something they see as a time of the best energy to use.

Otherwise, I do not know. I hope this is helpful.
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Re: Thoughts on Spell Timing
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
It might just be a case of trying to over think things. Midnight is the transition time from the current day to the next day because it is the period when the sun and its influence is at it's farthest point before it starts coming closer again.

So if a spell feels best cast at a time of 1:00 Saturday morning, that means that you would start the process the morning of Saturday by staying up from Friday evening, as when midnight rolls around Friday night becomes Saturday morning.

That said, bear in mind that days are transitions, not set lines. If you were meant to cast a spell on a Saturday, but you get distracted or delayed and get to it a couple hours late, just because it is past midnight and conceptually the next day doesn't mean you have to now wait a week. every day is one constant fluid transition, so while you are on the next day, the previous day's influence is only fading, not past. The previous day doesn't cease to exist just because a clock ticks over.

As for the other part of your question; When a time of casting is referred to as 'morning', it usually refers to the dawn hours. In any cycle there are four observable points of transition in that cycle.

In any cycle there are two times of imbalance. For example: midsummer, midwinter, midnight, noon, summer solstice, winter solstice, etc. these are times where one force has its strongest point of influence over the other forces around it. Noon is defined by when the sun is at its strongest, at midnight the sun is at its weakest (furthest away). The summer and winter solstice, likewise are when the day is the longest and shortest. Midsummer is when the summer season is at it's peak before it starts to decline until midwinter before it starts to slowly come back again.

These times are about setting things into motion, with the greatest level of imbalance of forces comes the greatest amount of motion. This principle is true in magic and physics.

Then there are also two points of transition across a point of balance. For example dawn, dusk (mid-morning, mid-evening), the summer and winter equinox, spring and fall, etc. This transition is about the influencing forces reaching a point of equality, providing a stillness or lack of motion. These are the magical between times, usually seen as gateways because things become neither one nor the other. dawn is neither day nor night. Neither dark nor light, because is both and also neither. Spring is a balance of the warm and cold creating a middle-ground weather- And of course it's same for fall.

So when a spell calls for a time, try to interpret it as the equivalent point in this cycle of transitions. dawn would be a time of a transition of balance when day and night overlap equally. Noon or midnight would be a transition of imbalance where one peaks then falls away towards the next. One has the purpose of creating stillness or doorways, the other is about creating movement and change.

Midnight is an interesting moment because it is the beginning/end point of the cycle, so it adds the influence of being a period for representing rebirth, or the classic idea of the old being left behind and the possibilities of the new to come. So it is that odd moment of death and rebirth, destruction and creation. Losing and gaining.

Meanwhile noon is more of the fruition of forces, where they reach their most potent moment. It is about the focused application of strength at its zenith of ability. This is when intent and movement is at its most focused and directed.

So, when you see an instruction to do a working in the 'morning', it is a good idea to interpret it as the period of time where night is becoming day and is traveling through that time of balance where it is both but neither. And then try to time it around when that period is going to occur. If you want to be precise, a local print of the farmer's almanac is a fabulous resource as it will tell you the exact times of dawn, dusk, etc. But if you don't have exacts it is not a terribly large worry. Like I wrote earlier, it's all a transition so as long as you are in the general time-frame you will still see at least some of the benefit.
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Re: Thoughts on Spell Timing
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

The timing would be the preference and symbolism for the purpose of the ritual. Tiamat is seen as the primordial of darkness for me it wouldn't mean just do a ritual just at midnight but can do one at noontideor sundown. The full and new moons are a special occasion adding more energy to which ritual is aiming for. As for planetary magick goes for me wouldn't matter the day as long you know what you're using it for. I just like using symbols and the colors.

Of course, depends on the individual's beliefs and what works for them in their own guidelines.

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Re: Thoughts on Spell Timing
Post # 5

Hello! I would agree with the others saying it is a matter of belief . But if you are yet to form such belief for yourself (symbolism of time) I would like to contribute with an example.

Midnight is what separates one day from another, it is also the middle line where they meet. Sunfall and sunrise is what separates day from night. The night comes when the tempered Sun ( the Moon ) sits alone in the sky.

  • So to answer your first question : "1 am is that still Saturday night or would that be considered Sunday morning" - It should be considered Sunday night .
  • Your second question : "if a spell is meant to be cast in the morning does that mean after sunrise or anytime from 12 am to 12 pm?" - It is meant to be cast anytime after the sunrise and before the Sun reaches its highest spot in the sky.

If you followed my words you will come to the conclusion that there are two night times in a day and you will be correct. In the belief I am giving you as an example there are the night of the past and the night of the future day( before midnight and after midnight ). Spells cast in the first night time can be spells of continuation or banishing while spells cast in the second night time can be such of divination , start of a situational programming ( what should happen ), or any other short term manipulation in the realm of the new day.

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Re: Thoughts on Spell Timing
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
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Re: Thoughts on Spell Timing
By: / Novice
Post # 7
Like you, I prefer to work during hours of correspondence. I like knowing that Im working within an auspicious time, I can plan around it.

This website is really helpful for that, especially if youre looking into moon energy:

Good luck

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Re: Thoughts on Spell Timing
Post # 8
Magic and timing works good best on the moon phases

New Moon: spells include, personal issues, beauty, health or employment

Waxing Moon: Spells include, friendship, elemental workings, healing or good luck.

Full Moon: Spells Are; love spells, fertility aiding, physic abilities, and healing spells

Waning Moon: Is used for banishing
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