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Post # 1
Hey guys!

So I have a boyfriend who I do not live with but I often stay with, and when I do I usually bring most of my craft supplies with just to have or so that I can do some work while I'm here. Recently he wanted to join in and we did some sexual magic, I cleansed the area set everything up as normal casted my circle and we did a little OM'ing and concluded with some super exotic and magical sex. I closed everything out as I should and ever since he has been feeling a presence in his room. He feels like someone is watching him, like someone is always there. Now I told him it's probably The Watcher as he is always with me also but I wanna make sure that it isn't something else or something negative. Is there something I can do to figure it out? I don't wanna screw anything up or open any unwanted doors if I haven't already.
Any suggestions are much appreciated!
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Re: Suggestions....
Post # 2
Well... banishing rituals are always good. Binding should also do. Either way, salt. But make it known that they are free to stay unless they are malevolent.
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Re: Suggestions....
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

If it is bothering him to have this sensation then I would suggest doing a banishing ritual and then set wards to keep it from coming back.

It may be his imagination or it may not. In either case, a banishing followed by a warding of his living space should deal with the problem.

To help prevent this sort of thing in the future, you could try adding this to your ritual in taking the circle down. Before you take the circle down, face to the Northwest and raise your athame, wand, or hand depending on what you are doing and say:

Let any who have come,

not in summons to our call

depart now in peace

harming none along the way.

Repeat this in the SW, SE, and NE cross quarters.

Once this is done, take down the circle in your usual fashion.

That should cause any unwanted visitors to leave the area instead of sticking around to enjoy any other magical energies.

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Re: Suggestions....
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
My first suggestion in these kinds of new situations is to engage some time and mindful attention. Both of you should take some time to be still and pay attention to the presence and particularly to how it makes him and you feel.

The human body is far more aware than people give it credit for, and can inspire subconscious reactions to even the slightest of details. This holds true to the normal senses and energetic awareness as well. However, like a middlingly bad odor to one's nose, the conscious mind filters most of the input out unless there is a sudden change or significant enough presence to inspire a need to be alert to it.

Ever noticed how if you have a friend with a cat, you can instantly detect the note of the litter box even if it was freshly cleaned, while your friend stands perplexed at your wrinkled nose? But then after a few minutes the smell seems to go away? unless the litter box was physically isolated or removed, the smell is still there. And you can still smell it. (partly anyways... eventually your nerves do actually stop reacting to the receptors)

But part of it is that your subconscious mind has just stopped ringing up to the conscious parts about it. But if you were to sit and actively be mindful of your sense of smell, it would come back to some extent. You would recognize the sensation of it still being there.

So a good idea would be for the two of you to spend some time together and the next time either of you start to feel this additional presence, listen to the reactions of your mind, mood, body, and energy. Ask yourself questions and sit to pay attention. look for the details. Does the presence give a sense of comfort? of warmth? Does it inspire a sensation of relaxation? or does it make you feel tense and nervous for reasons other than the natural reactions to the unknown? Does it feel cold, or heavy? Does it feel entirely neutral and just sort-of ... there?

Don't talk about it until after you both have sat and been still for a while, and felt out what you can get from the situation. then compare notes and see what you both feel in common, and what you feel differently. After all, beings can generate different sensations in different people, and they can carry different meanings.

At this early a point, it is hard to leap to any conclusions of the entity being positive or not. For all anyone knows it could have been a guide or guardian spirit drawn to the built up energy and seeing it as an opportunity to make itself known to either yourself or your boyfriend. A guiding entity noticing a period of receptivity is likely to use that to attempt and connect.

Also of by default do a cleanse with the intent of removing negative energies. During the cleanse be sure you lay down the ground rules for what will be allowed to be present and what will not be. This way, if it -is- a positive entity then it would be able to remain and perhaps the two of you would then have a chance to form a new working relationship. And if it was indeed something with malicious/harmful intent, then you'd find out pretty quickly and be able to act accordingly.

The trick in the wording that i find is to 10 keep it simple, and 2) first define what is -not- allowed, as that should be the shorter list anyways.

for example 'let no being of negativity exist in this home. Any intent of harm is banned from our presence, now and forever. Let this dwelling be one of love and guidance to our greatest light.'
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