what to do after spell?

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> what to do after spell?

what to do after spell?
Post # 1
Hey all!

New to the world of spells and rituals so please excuse me if i say something stupid lol.

I had a spellcaster cast some love spells for me and some that will be done in the right times in order to bring my loved one back to me. This includes Sweeten up jar, stop gossip spell, reconciliation spell and a love binding spell.

Im just wondering what do i need to do When spells are cast
The caster told me to keep a high vibration and stay positive and not obsess over the spell and not to initiate any contact with my loved one until she contacts me. Is this something normal? Or is this particular with my spellcaster? In regards to the no contact.

I know i can talk to my spellcaster for more info on how to manifest quicker/sufficiently but i dont want to hound her and keep messaging her as she is extremely busy hence why im asking all of you lovely and amazing people here on this forum! She is an amazing woman to work with and i know her spells work, shes genuine and told me not to worry, she will work with me until i get my loved one back (we kinda have a brother/sister relationship)and from what iv heard and found out her spells do work really well. She has ancestry from nazareth/jerusalem and is of arabian descent.

Ill give you an insight on the things that i do:

- Multi sensory visualisation using youtube "bring ex back subliminal"
- affirmations AS IF what i want has happend
- sweeten baths every friday using honey, goats milk and a red candle calling on Goddess Venus and doing a 10'minute visualisation while i bathe
- i do a nightly negative energy bath cleanse using sea salt, pepper and cinnamon
- meditations for positive vibe, raise vibration and chakra cleansing

Would you all say these are correct things im doing and is there anything else i could add? These are all done through my own research and intuitive ideas.

Iv also been noticing the numbers 11:11 22:22 222 111 333 33 22 11

Thank you for reading my thread and im looking forward to your positive responses :-)
Apologies for keeping this thread really long but out of all forums iv seen this particular forum seems the best to me, has more knowledgable people and nicer people who are willing to give the best advice expecially to people who are new to all of this like me lol.
Blessings from me


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Re: what to do after spell?
Post # 2
Good question because I'm wondering the same
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Re: what to do after spell?
Post # 3
What is the reasons behind no contact until contacted?
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Re: what to do after spell?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: what to do after spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
It really is better to do spells for yourself. Just wondering if you are paying them for the spell?
When I do a spell for myself, usually I do it and then forget about it, because obsessing about it will cause it to fail.
Most people will not do love spells at all. It interferes with the other persons free will.
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