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Post # 1
So, I've been experiencing some weird dreams lately. I am talking about weird dark houses, with old people in them. The general feeling is me being scared of everything in that place. And when I wake up, I am numb, the dreams make me feel tired and scared. During my regular day I experience a sense of deja vu. I would be doing something random and the scene from the dream would just pop into my head and I would start feeling uncomfortable. I don't know how to get rid of these dreams.
Help, please.
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Re: Nightmares
Post # 2
Hi Wicca girl sorry to hear about your nightmares my first reaction would be to look at any changes in your life that may be stressing you out.

However you said you felt tired after your nightmare i'm not sure if this will help but nightmares for me usually result from a build up of negative energy so a purification spell or cleansing spell may assist in that regard

You also mentioned remembering certain scenes from your dream ? does this happen randomly as you say as it could be attributed to a person for example a friend of mine used to give off a large amount of negative energy without knowing and it affected the people around her so it could be the result of a person or psychic vampire

I would suggest these things: calming methods before bed such as tea and no scary movies, if you believe something of a supernatural nature may be at work I would suggest a purification spell if some kind of malevolent spirit has attached itself to you and a protection spell to protect against negative energy.

Hope this helps feel free to message me if you require some assistance on these spells.
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Re: Nightmares
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

One of the simplest ways to deal with frequent nightmares is the use of a " dreamcatcher ". These are used to " catch " or " trap " bad dreams while letting good dreams pass through. You could make one yourself or you can also find them for sale on-line. Here's an article about them -

And a couple of articles on how to make your own dreamcatcher:

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Re: Nightmares
Post # 4
First of all, Consider if there could be any mental health issues that could cause this. Anxiety and deppresed can trigger night terrors. If it is a magical cause, it could be that you have pre-cognition.
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Re: Nightmares
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
I'm not sure you could always stop having certain dreams. There is some reason they keep cropping up.

I've had some dreams with very similar themes as yours. They don't take place in a dark house, but in a dimly lit retirement home, among people decades older than myself, and in very poor health or feeble physical condition. But in the dreams, I must remain in that place no matter how much I protest.

I am always doing something for the elderly people working there, whether working for the home or entertaining the (other) residents. In most of the previous dreams, I am compelled to stay, have a sense of permanence, and grudgingly do my work as if I have no choice, no matter how out-of-place I feel.

In the most recent dream of this type, I started asking questions. I think I've finally found an answer: It represents, in my own dreams, a trope of the end of life, and thoughts on what comes after. I was made to sit and play an acoustic guitar, and the residents gathered around to happily listen. This was a contemplation of the afterlife, in a sense. What happens when someone crosses over, completely accepting that it is their time? I was miserable, making everyone else happy in their death.

I left. I don't remember where I went, but I left. I'm not waiting for death like the people in that place. But I was made to return. Apparently they didn't like that I left death, when they were happy with death. One of the staff had their hands on my shoulders, forcing me to sit at that point. It was a while ago, and I do not remember the end of the dream.

I have digressed considerably. I can further interpret my dream, but not at this moment. The point is that your mind might be trying to work out some issue, come to terms with your eventual mortality perhaps, or it could be a message from elsewhere. There's no way I can tell. I never broke into lucidity with these dreams, so I was not able to freely leave. But I did pay attention to themes, my own actions, and the responses of the others. It helped me figure out what the purpose of the dreams happened to be.

Since realizing why I was having these dreams, and my attempt to escape in the last one, they have not returned for me.

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