Rethink a spell type.

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Rethink a spell type.

Rethink a spell type.
Post # 1
Heads up if oyu dont like looking at bag grammar and things like that you shouldnt read this as i dont care how bad my grammar is so long as its readable.

I've been wondering for a while now i had read from many a user in random forum posts that magick that says it can transform or alter you biologically simply wont work and proclaimed that anything nature cant do magick cant do so what if i told you that we are a product created by nature you see theres this little thing called evolution that nature uses its how we can type and see smell and do general things today maybe you did'nt know this but that involves changing you biologically and based on what he said that means magick should be able to do this now heres what i think for now ill believe that magick can however either the people trying to use magick that would alter the caster or others biologically have been doing it wrong or may have misunderstood something important about it that caused it to fail or maybe they did succeed but i think that if they did succeed it was either minor incomplete or happened over an extreme amount of time most likely longer than there life span needless to say they wouldnt be able to report there findings or maybe they did but if they did its likely that it was drowned out by all the lies caused by people who want other people to think there different so here's an example of this (Wow my vampire spell worked now im super strong and nothing can hurt me i cant believe it worked) or something like that you get the idea anyway back on track id like to say one more thing about magick that can alter you biologically i dont know if ANY of you have EVER once thought about how healing spells work they repair you biologically is this not a PRIME example of magick that can alter you biologically whats more so far i have been seeing people either says its fake dosent work or simply listen to people who are too ignorant to do anything but listen to the man that dosent think there actions at all heres an example of that man (needless to say this isnt everyone and if youve thought of that why didnt you say anything anyway) (example start:The man who shoots the person in the heart withought thinking about how the person who had been shot will die from not being able to circulate there blood thinking they would be fine if he just stops the bleeding)That kind of man anywho if youre willing to try new things experiment with this type of magick and let me know here if anything works as i cannot experiment here soooo yeah also it should go withought saying if there happens to be a spell that does alter the caster biologically quickly might i add let me know here. also i had to leave at some point typeing this so my train of thought got meseed up a bit im pretty sure so dont be surprised if you cant understand at first or if you cant understand period.
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My point.
Post # 2
Experiment and try for youreself in new ways as the old ones dont seem to work for this type of magick to my knowledge.
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Almost forgot
Post # 3
i do think transformation spells wont work though as i believe the amount of time it would take to even get slight changes IF it even worked would be near immeasurable you can also kiss anything near instant transformation or shapeshifting is a straight up no no for the reason above or alternatively you could do it probably at the cost of youre life cause if all of youre organs fail to to a shapeshift or similar transformation would kill you near instantly as the death of all organs including the brain heart lungs etc etc would kill you rather fast if you could get around this then you maybe could do it but i have a feeling that is not possible.
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I am too tired type RN..
Post # 4
i see alot of spelling errors or outright missing words cause i didnt type them cause i thought them.
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Re: Rethink a spell type.
Post # 5
I kind of agree with you, though evolution takes a lot of time and by that i mean generations. I pretty sure there is always a limit on how far a spell actully go.
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Re: Rethink a spell type.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
The eventual genetic change achieved through evolution is a product of selective breeding. It is not because a creature belives a new trate would be better and therefore creates the change. The slight change, as there is variation amlng every genetiallu diverse group, makes some of that group better at surviving its conditions, and so those individuals' genes get passed on.

The only way traits have been deliberately developed had been through human intervention, as those raising animals will breed for specific traits in their animals. A web search for how dog breeds have changed over the past century is a very easy example of this. So is the development of domesticated pigs since the 15th Century, and how much chickens have changed since the advent of massive modern chicken farms.
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Re: Rethink a spell type.
Post # 7
except that,the choice to use that trait or skill will eventually cause the body to change to accommodate it, like how divers lungs differ from a normal set, or how there is a village where they can actually see clearly underwater, or heck Daniel Kish.
I'm not saying that a spell or magic will definitely give someone superpowers or whatever they want like transform into xyz creature, but the very nature of magic is to slightly change something to your favor by using that energy.

You can have the traits but your gonna have to work for it is all i'm saying.
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