Creating your own spell

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Creating your own spell
Post # 1
Ok so in need of advice and/or info. I'm trying to create my own spell for healing and well this may sound dumb but my mom always told me when writing to a god or goddess you have to make it short and simple, like a sentence or two or shorter. I was wondering if that's true or if it could be like maybe 3 or 4 sentences? Sorry, only my 3rd time actually trying to do a spell on my own
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Re: Creating your own spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Creating your own spell
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I think that generally speaking it is beneficial to keep things simple and to the point, but it isn't a hard and fast rule or requirement. It is more a matter of avoiding unnecessary details, justifications, explanations, etc. Keeping it simple also makes it easier to keep your own thoughts focused on the goal, without trying to memorize long speeches and wondering if you 'said it right'.

The idea is to express your intent, which is usually a fairly simple statement. Such as "Please bring healing to this person." or "I ask for guidance in how to relieve this sickness." or "May your light and love shine on this person and wash away the harm that has fallen."

Often specific details, reasoning, etc simply aren't needed, or are irrelevant to what you are asking for. They just end up becoming extranneous or confusing to the desired effect. Concentrate your thoughts on what you want to achieve, and phrase your statement directly about that desired outcome.

Now, of course if it feels more natural for you to be conversational with the deity/deities you work with, and if you feel a stronger connection with them by speaking to them more casually/personally, then you should do what helps you gain the most confidence in your workings.

there have been tiomes when I have been in meditation and reaching out to a guide for some help, and been completely unsire about even how I should ask let alone what I should ask for. So I ended up imagining myself sitting with my guide, and just talking in earnest. I think one 'conversation' started like this;

"I know I haven't been much of a student lately, and I haven't been paying attention to things as well as I should be. But I could really use some help with this..." And I went on from there. In the end, while I poured over my own thoughts and questions, My guide did indeed listen, and simply added a few little nudges here and there that helped lead my thoughts into a direction that proved to be very helpful.

I think the key to communication is in beaing earnest, and honest. Both with the entity you are calling on, and also yourself. They listen, and they don't just hear the words but they have an uncanny tendency to also tune in to everything going on around them. So no matter how elaborately a person might circumvent their motives, the entities still dig it out. Likewise no matter how simply you express your desire, they understand your need.
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Re: Creating your own spell
Post # 4
The spells I write consist of 3 verses of 3 short lines. I make like to make them rhyme but that's just a personal touch of mine. Ive never considered it mandatory. But I do usually take a few days to write and re write it so I know it captures my intent perfectly. Hope this was informative.
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Re: Creating your own spell
Post # 5
Please tell us the belief line you use to apply the ritual to the people involved. Unfortunately there are things allowed or forbidden to certain beliefs that can nullify various activities of other beliefs. Proposing a ritual for you without this basis the chances of success are low.
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Re: Creating your own spell
Post # 6
A spell is really used to focus your intent, as the caster you have the will to accomplish you task. All you need is to be clear at what it is that you want to happen.
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