Your opinions (tips?)

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Your opinions (tips?)
Post # 1
Okay so a bit of what I?m dealing with.
I was homeless for a VERY LONNNG TIME (the past 6-7yrs) So I?m wonder if that?s where the restlessness comes from. But I recently moved in with my boyfriend whom I?ve been dating for a little over a year. So for the first time I don?t have to panic or worry about where I?ll be sleeping at night. Where I have to hide the car for the night. You get it.
Well in the last few weeks I?ve been dealing with this angst inside. I know it?s a hell of an adjustment go from living completely alone all these years to living with someone as well. But I get hit with waves of get in the car a go go go! Go now! And I mean I?m happy truly for the first time in the gods know how long. So the run run for it feeling really has me puzzled. It makes me feel kinda raw. Animalistic. If that makes any sense.
Anybody have any suggestions on how to at least calm this feeling down.
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Re: Your opinions (tips?)
Post # 2
I'm kind of confused, essentially you want to calm down because from the time you're with him for a reason you're in a "Go go go!" feeling?
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Re: Your opinions (tips?)
Post # 3
Boyfriend has kids so even though we were together last year he did his thing I did mine. I did a lot of traveling last year spur of the moment adventures. But I?ve never sat static for very long anyway. not normally by choice most often.
But me and the boyfriend decided I would move in a few months ago. And yeah it?s very hard to explain because I?m happy but there?s this creeping restlessness that bubbles up like, I need to be doing something. I need to go. Don?t sit still. About the easiest way I can try to explain it. It a very unsettled feeling.
Boyfriend laughed at me for a moment when I just jumped off the couch went out the door until he realized I had gone and just started lapping the house for almost an hour. He asked if I was okay later I told him I just needed to move. That?s about the only thing that seems to settle the feeling down a bit. But it creeps back up by the next day.
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Re: Your opinions (tips?)
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
I wonder whether your constant need to move out of desperation has developed into a compulsion.

Have you considered taking up hiking or jogging as a hobby? It would be a constructive reason to get out and go for a while, and is something you cam do regularly.

But if the desire is related to an unhealthy compulsion, it will eventually be harmful to your relationship. You might want to talk to someone professional before that happens.
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