Can and how to sell soul?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Can and how to sell soul?

Can and how to sell soul?
Post # 1
Can you trade your soul for one request ? thank you
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Re: Can and how to sell soul?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
There is no way that I know of, after having read many very involved discussions on the topic.

That said, the general consensus from well-practiced occultists is that a person's soul, even if it could be contractually bound to an entity after death, is not worth a whole lot to any entity.

And is what you want even worth your eternal soul? I highly doubt it. Perhaps you should reexamine your priorities.
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Re: Can and how to sell soul?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
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Re: Can and how to sell soul?
Post # 4
I have heard of such...I have been with ppl who told me about it, sad to say..a grown man 28 yrs old looks 18yrs old and hair of a baby body with the acceptance of the head and genitals... But he's living a life of sadness and darkness... Addiction, lies, karma, and heart break.... He left me for a new women and since what I listed has been an everyday thing for him...he told me all the darkness he is in, you can sell your soul to witch craft, I recommend not practicing satanic, Satan or the Devil, try wiccan.judt a suggestion.if your new.
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Re: Can and how to sell soul?
Post # 5
Yes you can..but I wohldn't advise it. It's not worthy. You can give other stuff in return like energy, do something for them and such. This is not clever, from both sides.

If you sell your soul in the meaning of getting bound to soneone for something, it's possible. It may also be possible for them to be able to devour your soul; although I'm not sure, maybe you have to want it.
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Re: Can and how to sell soul?
By: / Novice
Post # 6
no you cannot sell your soul. you can bind a soul to an object, you can dedicate yourself to a spiritual being, you might even bind two souls together, say as part of ones handfasting vows [some make a vow to find each other in the next lifetime] but you cannot sell your soul for a sweet ride, doughnut, super powers or whatever you have your eye on. your soul/spirit/whatever is you [for those who believe in it anyway] your soul has experienced past lives, and will be reborn again and will continue to grow, you wish to sell your divine self for material objects, or possible attempt to do something impossible in the physical realm [magick obeys the law of nature. you could argue in the astral it does not, but we are in the physical, however in this reality magick does not contradict nature] so if you're thinking of bringing someone back from the dead, living forever, or gaining some ability humans do not posses, it will not happen regardless of what a spiritual being tells you. [even spirits have the ability to lie]
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