Dreamt of afterlife(?)

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Dreamt of afterlife(?)

Dreamt of afterlife(?)
Post # 1
So, this summer I had a very realistic dream. Usually, my dreams are foggy and I'm always dizzy in (as I assume other's are) so this was a change of pace. It was almost as if I was lucid dreaming, but I didn't know I was dreaming because it was all so real.
The dream started off with me seeing my family members cleaning out my room. My brother was crying and my parents were no where to be seen. My sister was there somewhere, although I couldn't see her, and it was strange since she hasn't visited our family for many years after college. I wasn't exactly in the room but I could see what was happening. Then, it was almost as if I woke. I "opened" my eyes and I was in this movie theater kind of setup. There were chairs and each person sat in their own watching the screen of stattic. I was compelled to sit in a chair, so I did. The people around me had no faces and were almost like grey mannequins, although looking back I knew I never looked at them. I just knew. The room felt crowded yet I couldn't see any reason for this thought.
I don't know how long I sat there, watching this ringing screen of stattic, but eventually a figure had come to get me. I say figure because I cannot remember what or who it was. I just know something had come to get me. It led me somewhere where must of been outside and before I knew it I was in a carriage. I clearly remember it being towed a crossed this uneven stone pathway. It was like each stone was placed by hand in a checkered style. The carriage started pulling me, although there was nothing at the front. I could hear the clicking of hooves, though. I remember seeing the carriage from a third party view and watching it climb a crossed this tall hill that had a river underneath before going down it to a graveyard. I flash back to my own perspective and I out of the carriage. This figure (the same figure as before) leads me passed the graves. I find it strange that each grave had these white angels standing next to them. They didn't have wings but they held things in their hands and weeped. What was even more frightening, although I didn't feel any fear at the time, was that there was none at the grave the figure stopped us at. It was barely a grave at all. There was this wooden coffin that looked almost hand crafted sitting atop the grass. The lid was leaning against the side. Before I knew it, I was forced into the coffin. I vaguely remember thinking as the figure grabbed the lid that there was no way it would close. But, as the figure started the slide the lid a crossed the top, I sat up and everything froze. All of the white figures in the graveyard seemed to look at me although they had no facial features. Then, the freakiest part of my dream, all the figures vanished. Like someone flicked a lightswitch and their lights went out. It was followed by this group of black figures almost identicle quickly filling the graveyard. They had these ragged wings sticking out their back and wore hoods covering their faces. They didn't go to specific graves but instead just filled the graveyard. One approached me and leaned forward to touch me but finally the lid shut and all I felt was the sensation of falling. I woke for real this time, although I still felt the sensation. So, yeah. That's my little summer fright. Do you think this was just an ellaborate nightmare, or something more?
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Re: Dreamt of afterlife(?)
By: / Novice
Post # 2
That's a long dream. I often have very long, involved dreams.

The first thing that comes to mind is how common it is for people to have dreams contemplating what comes at the end. It's a question which sometimes your subconscious may try to explore. Very much is unknown, such as who else will be there, and what the afterlife is like. It would explain the faceless people, the staticky figure, and such. The screening room (movie theater) could be a representation of the trope or archetype of reviewing one's life at the point of death, or it could be of watching one's loved ones still living. The static, again, is the unknown.

The reason you woke up when you felt like falling is called hypnic jerk. It is quite common, and I have been woken up fro many a dream from even minor stumbles, when I experience the falling sensation.

Whether this was just an elaborate nightmare or more, is truly up to you. It could be an emotional and symbolic exploration of concepts of your own death by your subconscious, or it could be a message from elsewhere. That answer can really only be found by internal exploration.
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