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Post # 1
Hi I've been going through some things for about 8 months now where these people have made their self invisible. There not spirits but humans that are transporting or shapeshifting in and out of my apartmen. Ive tried every possible thing from cleaning my spirit to protection banishing and cleansing spells even cleansing
Y apartments these people are diabolical I've personally asked them to stop I've done candle spells. Still they continue to my apartment following me ever where I do I absolutely have no privacy hurt friends and my family member as well
My children and enter in to my apartment. I want this to stop and my friends and family life's to return to normal where I'm and them are not being followed and the children aren't being harm or anyone that come over isn't being harm in my house not longer do I want this transparent people coming in and out of my home just because they are invisible or there invisibility.
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Re: Mira
By: / Novice
Post # 2
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Welcome.
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Re: Mira
Post # 3
So the problem is essentially on these humans following you everywere?
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Re: Mira
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

Hey, so these aren't people they will most likely be spirits, ghost, etc... Because 1; Humans can't teleport (at-least not in this period, but maybe in the far future) nor can they shapeshift or turn invisible. Since you're already tried the most common ways to remove ( or banish) a spirit from your home I suggest using crystals and commutation.

Communication, I suggest asking them what they want from you? How can you help them ( if you want to help them)? I know sometimes dealing with these things can be very scary and you're overwhelmed with fear but try your best to not be scared.

Crystals, I suggest getting a Black Tourmaline is it one of the most powerful crystals to protect you from negativity it helps remove unwanted energies. I suggest getting four of these crystals cleansing them and putting them outside your house in a square to block all that unwanted energy. If they're following you around I suggest always carrying a Black Tourmaline with you at all times. And I'm going to assume you are scared I suggest also having an Apophyllite with you since it helps with emotions and negativity.

Hope I helped! Keep us updated~


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Re: Mira
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Kamira, I have some strange questions for you:

Are these people only at your apartment?

Do they follow you elsewhere?

Do others know they are there, and if so, who has seen or heard them?
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Re: Mira
Post # 6
They sound like they are spirits not actual humans
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