Healing spells??

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Healing spells??

Healing spells??
Post # 1

Hey! My recent neighbor and I had a knee surgery at the same time.
Any herbs or stones to put in a satchel for her? Spell suggestion would be great too, thank you.
Blessed be.

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Re: Healing spells??
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I always use some lotion or essential oils and a candle when I perform healing rituals, but the most important thing to understand is that they take a lot of time and tend to be much more mental than physical.
I meditate for a while first until I feel peaceful and focused, then I envision energy swirling in my hand and I press it to the part of my body I am trying to heal. Usually, I feel some kind of warmth or tingling or something.
It doesn't always work right away, but it usually feels a little bit better afterward in that it doesn't hurt as much or if it is a healing cut, it doesn't itch, if it seems irritated, that usually goes away, things like that. No cut is going to fantastically seal in a few moments. But it also helps me mentally feel better. I feel like I have more energy and it helps me to get back on my feet faster.
There are a lot of different ways to go about healing rituals, this is just what generally works for me. Best of luck to you, and I hope you and your neighbor make a fast recovery
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Re: Healing spells??
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Fist, and most important; Follow your doctor's rehab curriculum if they gave you one. The pain and discomfort of post surgery healing can be a detriment to you wanting to do any exercises or stretches, etc. But if you were instructed to do them, do them to the best of your ability. Some surgeries require the joint to be mobilized and used in order for it to heal properly. Depending on the surgery, if the joint is immobile for too long the tendons can tighten up and lock up the joint. and trust me, correcting that is not fun. There is a reason they call it 'breaking free the joint."

- Applying gentle, mild heat improves blood flow, and is useful once the surgery site is no longer swollen.

-Light meditation is useful to practice, when in a relaxed state imagine positive healing energy collecting in the area. If you need to imagine a color, violet is a good one to go with. Imagine the energy spreading up and down your entire leg, cycling away feelings of pain and tension and drawing in relaxation and restoration.

-Once the incision is sealed, gently rub the area around the scar site with a blend of essential oils if you can get your hands on them. Here is a website that has a decent list of oils that are useful;

(A personal favorite is a blend of tea tree, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, and sandalwood)

-if you have a few amethyst points, or a large-ish amethyst cluster, set them under the surgery site when you are elevating your leg. make a small circle of the points to surround the site, or lay the cluster directly underneath. You can separate your leg from the stones by a pillow to make sure you are comfortable as well. Be sure to cleanse the points every day when you are done. They are gonna soak up a lot of energy from the healing site. A quick wash under running water for a minute or so, or soaking in some salty water for a few minutes then rinsing them off does the trick nicely. If you want, leave the crystals in a place exposed to the moon/sun over night and through the dawn hours to give them a bit of a boost as well.

You can also make a compress by selecting a few healing herbs and boiling them in 3 or 4 cups of water for about 30 minutes. remove from heat, soak a clean linen/bandage in the herbs until it is cool enough to place comfortably on the wound (remember, mild heat to avoid aggravating or worsening swelling) and then squeeze off excess liquid- just enough it is no longer dripping, and fold and lay on the affected area. if there is concern for little bits of herb getting into the wound, lay a single layer of clean linen between the wound and the compress to catch any stray bits.

useful healing herbs;
Goldenrod (Goldenseal), lavender, Eucalyptus, Calendula, Yarrow, and chili pepper or cinnamon. Be stingy with the pepper/cinnamon though, especially if you are relying on a powder as both are very hot spices and can burn like the dickens. And try to use whole herb, not the powders as the fine grains can get into the wound even through a barrier.
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Re: Healing spells??
Post # 4
( After you have performed all the actions indicated by a professional (a doctor), you can add these alternatives to decrease knee pain:

Home Methods to Reduce Pain in the Knees


A plant used for various purposes, the slug is also indicated for the treatment of pain in the knees, especially if the cause of the problem is osteoarthritis. In this way, beat in the blender a stalk of chopped slug along with the shells of an orange. Then you should mix the resulting contents into a glass with honey and a little red clay. The final paste of this recipe needs to be applied to the affected area and the patient should wait for 30 minutes. Preferably, this method should be practiced overnight. After the set time, remove the paste with fresh water.

Guava tea

Few people know, but guava has three times more vitamin C than orange. This nutrient, in turn, assists the immune system to fight infections and other health problems. Therefore, it is indicated the preparation of the tea made with four ripe guavas and one liter of boiling water. So the first step is to cut the fruit into small pieces and add them into the boiling liquid. Cover the reservoir and await infusion for three hours. Already cold, the tea should be consumed like normal water, repeating several times a day.

Cabbage leaves

Known for anti-inflammatory properties, cabbage leaves are also excellent home remedies for fighting knee problems. To do this, you should boil the green leaves of the greenery in water and, after they are cold, it is necessary to apply them in the affected area. Coiled with strips, the treatment needs to follow the time of 30 minutes in each application.


This treatment is the simplest of all, considering that only one lemon is required to proceed with the application. Therefore, the patient cuts a lemon in half and massages the knee area with the fruit. It is worth mentioning that this procedure needs to be done in a place protected from the sun, considering that the rays in contact with the lemon can cause stains on the skin. If well applied, this method reacts as a great healing and powerful anti-inflammatory.
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