Love Curses after lifted

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> Love Curses after lifted

Love Curses after lifted
Post # 1
I have a love curse and i am going to get it removed but i would love to know what happens afterwards .. all the men that woke up an hated me the next day for no reason , will they love me again ?
because everymann that dated me has had a horrible life as soon as they have said they love me . Job loss sickness and so on , and have started to hate me for no reason at all ...will this all go ? and will they all love me again ?
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Re: Love Curses after lifted
Post # 2
The if they love you depends. But it sounds like they're under a love curse yes. The sure is that, if someone loves you either fron the previous ones or a new one, they won't have the same results. They won't hate you and all of those yes. I am sorry for this, I know it's hard.
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Re: Love Curses after lifted
Post # 3
So wait ,,,, if they love me and started hating me because of the curse ...when its lifted they wont love me again ....?
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Re: Love Curses after lifted
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

If the problem with your relationships was indeed a " love curse ", something which we do not know for a fact, then if it is satisfactorally removed it should stop future problems from happening in relationships into which you then enter..

It is highly unlikely that removing that said curse will suddenly cause all the men who have had relationships with you to suddenly fall back into love with you. Relationships change with time. People move on and their emotions become engaged with others. At this point the relationships you had with them are over. They may think more kindly of you, that's possible. But I would doubt very seriously that you would suddenly find all of them on your doorstep with flowers and chocolates.

I am curious as to how you know these troubles were the result of a cursse and not just bad luck or something wrong with the relationship other than magic. Was it this person who is offering to remove the curse that told you there was a curse in the first place? If so, be aware that this is a typical scam to extort money from the gullible. Tell a person they are cursed, offer to remove the curse for a bunch of money. The next thing is to say the curse removal failed and they need more money to do it again. Be cautious in handing out money for something like this unless the person is someone you know and trust.

If I might also make a suggestion: If you are on speaking terms with any of these gentlemen, you might ask them politely what it was that they found unsatisfactory in your relationship that caused them to step away from you. This might suggest to you any problems that your own actions might be unwittingly causing problems in your relationships. It is always well to check the mundane as well as the magical when relationships are a problem.

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Re: Love Curses after lifted
Post # 5
That thing which made them hate you, could have made them fall in love too firstly but I'm not sure it has hapenned. It could also be bad luck yes but in the form of a spell or even a thougtform.
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Re: Love Curses after lifted
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Usually when such curses are lifted they wear off from having future affects on you,

Though its very rare and unlikely that some will remove curses off of one though if one is removed the person/s will usually either hate that person for cursing them or will go back to them for the efforts they did to be with them.

If you want to prevent future curse from being placed on you try a honey jar protection spell or cast an amulet to protect you from those who wish to curse you.
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