Spell to summon incubus?

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Spell to summon incubus?

Spell to summon incubus?
Post # 1
I found a spell I'm going to try it.
Does it work?
I can't light candles can I imagen a burning candle instead?
I tried spells in the past nothing happened.
I know what a incubus does I still want one.
I really want a incubus I tried to get one in past but nothing happened.
I recently chose Satan instead of Jesus I use to be a christian.
I believe demons are real, I live with christian family so can't do rituals with candles etc.
As I would be kicked out I can't work at the moment due to personal reason.
I wish I could do rituals etc but I can't as I can't support myself financially.
I respect my parents it's their house so I abide by their rules.
I wish I could openly tell them about my love for Satan but I can't.
I would appreciate advice or spells if you know any that work.
If your just a horny man go away I want incubus not horny man.
I'm not ready for relationship with man yet don't mean to sound rude just being honest.
But I'm ready for relationship with Demons.
I gave it alot of thought and I decided I'm ready for a incubus lover.
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Re: Spell to summon incubus?
Post # 2
I'm sorry to tell you this, but spells like that don't really work the way they say they do. I respect your belief of demons, but I don't think you'll be able to summon one into any kind of physical form.
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Re: Spell to summon incubus?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I will hold off from the long rely I typed last time, before you decided to delete your thread.

The spell you linked is meant only for a dream encounter with the entity in question.

Can the spell work? Possibly. It would be more by accident than anything else, considering the person who posted the spell made up some entity, making some directly contradictory claims about the same, in a lame attempt to give the post a sense of legitimacy.

You would not be able yo physically summon any entity, as stated above.

You clearly have a lot to learn. Just reading some words from a dubious (at best) spell someone posted online will likely not have anywhere near the results you hope to achieve.
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Re: Spell to summon incubus?
Post # 4
I don't think it'd work but there are many ways to call upon Incubi. Also, you may want a relationship with an entity of any type; Incubi are not the only one availiable. I don't understand if you are looking for true love but if you are just know that not only the Incubi are able of offering to you this type of love; there are Many, Many entities out there.

There are other ways of calling upon an Incubi for example, you could meditate on them. On their essence. Focus on their essence and you could just tell them that you're looking to meet one. But you should be carefull because there might be the type of Incubi that their moral is to meet humans or rape them to just have pleassure (pleassure only for themselves maybe, because they can make this very uncomfortable) and take their energy.

So a suggestion is, when you meditate on them, focus on the "friendly" ones, the ones who won't try to use you in this way blah blah blah, you got it. Try to connect with them, meditation is excellent for that.
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Re: Spell to summon incubus?
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5

You asked a similar question back in July. Then you asked about a spell to have twin babies. So it appears as though what you want is some entity to get you pregnant. It does not work this way. An incubus, as already pointed out, is not a physical being and cannot physically cause you to become pregnant.

I think it would be a good idea for you to spend some time learning more about magic and about spiritual entities so you understand what is and is not possible.

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Re: Spell to summon incubus?
Post # 6
Thank you for responding I`m still new to magic.
I appreciate all the help I can get.
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