casting spells and God

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casting spells and God
Post # 1
I am a muslim and interested in casting spells, I woulden t cast any bad spells like love spells or casting spells on people just casting spells for myself and Im worried if its a sin, i would nt call devils help or any diety or neither god help to do my spells just how my spell work is luck

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Re: casting spells and God
Post # 2
i don't think it would be, as long as you don't do any bad spells. There is a such thing as Islamic witchcraft too, check it out. I mean muslims believe that all witchcraft is terrible, but really all religions do things that they don't deem as witchcraft but it really is. i don't think you have too much to worry about, as long as it is positive magic.
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Re: casting spells and God
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Ultimately this is up to you and your own feelings and morals. Many people can marry together differing practices and religions in a way that is moral to them, but that doesn't guarantee that the way they choose would be moral to others as well.

There are certainly overlapping ideas and ideals, and shared and common wisdoms and principles between many faiths. But the question you want to ask is if you feel those similarities are enough to form a bridge between your muslim faith and following a magical practice as well. This greatly depends on how strictly or literally you wish to keep to the direct words of the Quran, and/or what practices you feel are more important for you to feel a connection to your spirituality. Further complicating things is also what interpretations of the Quran you follow. Much like with the Christian bible, different spiritual leaders and teachers interpret things in a different light. Some omit bypass or outright change entire passages and statements at their convenience.

The best suggestion I can make is to follow your heart. Do what you can to understand the tennets of your Muslim faith, its restrictions and their reasons, and do the same for the magical path you wish to follow as well. Find what ideas are shared, and examine the ones that are opposed. If you feel you can adapt around those oppositions to fit the two philosophies together in a way that lets you feel connected anf just in both then you will have your answer.

It may be something as simple as working magic in a way that honors rather than opposes the Muslim faith. Such as choosing to use your magical practice to recognize and honor (and pray to) Allah, Jesus, and the archangels, and to use your Muslim ideals and methods of prayer within your magic. It is my (admittedly very limited) understanding that the reason why practicing alternate faiths like magic is a sin in regards to Christianity, Muslim, and other Abrahamic faiths is because the working of magic is not done to honor or connect with god, but seen as an effort to gain assistance from faith in another 'false' entity or ideal. In essence, magic is seen as bad because you are being unfaithful to [God/Allah/Yahwe/insert Abrahamic name here] by calling for help from outside his domain. If you can adapt yourself to still work magic -through- the Abrahamic god and his angels then I imagine you could find a way to marry both together within your heart.
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Re: casting spells and God
Post # 4
I think so magic is something involved with invoking false god and demons to do it for you,I never do that i just raise my energy in the spells and having faith and beiliving in God
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Re: casting spells and God
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
You might want to consider Sufism, as it is very closely related to Islam.

Magic is not about spells, necessarily. Spells are something which some people may choose to do to achieve a magical result.

A lot of what magic is, is simply searching for the process to bring about change sought by the practitioner. Many traditions consider personal development, enlightenment, internal change, the ultimate goal of magic.

Magic does not require inclusion of any spirits, entities, demons, or gods. But any may be included, depending upon tradition. Being Muslim, you may certainly call upon God to intervene and help you reach your goals.

I know very little of Islam, so I cannot comment specifically, but if there is any parallel, a lot of religious people use things common in magic in their general practice. Here are some examples:

Hymns and prayers from scripture can very well be used as a form of meditative focus on one's intent. The fervent nature of the worship keeps he mind centered on a single purpose. These can be used for the purpose themselves, or to help reach a mindset of then starting to work towards a purpose.

It's just an example. I don't know if it is any help. I do wish you all the best in this journey.
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Re: casting spells and God
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
This thread has been moved to Other Spells Discussion from General Info.
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Re: casting spells and God
By: / Novice
Post # 7
spell casting is a craft with no deities [you can call on other beings for assistance, but it's not necessary, you can even call on God should you choose] you are tapping into the natural energy around us and directing in on a path to help you achieve a desired goal, that is it.

that said, what does the Koran say about it? ask your Imam about his and gods opinion on spells/magick, finally reflect on your own views and pray to god for his opinion [since he would technically have the final say in the matter] factor all of this in and you'll have your answer. other people cannot answer a question about your personal faith. my view is no, spells are not sinful, but my path incorporates spells and magick. Islam is another story [honestly i don't know, but since it includes the bible and old testament i'll say it's frowned upon] however, i know many Christians who cast spells, they did some soul searching and spoke with their god and found the path for them. you need to do the same. good luck to you.
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