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As pagans, witches and other labels we put on ourselves. For many of us we find the craft that bonds us. This assists us to change and evolve. We learn from our mistakes even if we repeat them a few times. We learn from ourselves, others and the divine. For many of us we are both the teacher and student; always.

So there are many doubts but I am going to try to limit them to the ones I have experienced or see as common for many others following a path involving the craft.

Many of us will or have learned that patience is often the way we learn from ourselves, others and the divine. Some of us have a direct approach others take a different route.

Many of us have at one point thought more what others think of us and not on ourselves. We do not all take criticism the same way as the next person. Many of us have heard you cannot do this or do that.We may of heard the reasons we cannot do it is because of money, skills or other reasons.

This habit of not listen to others negativity might be hard and it might not be from others but ourselves. Our brain can and is our worst enemy. If you feel something than you are. If you feel beautiful you are. If you feel hopeless, than you are. Do not make others validate you. Everyone is different After you learned this; remember to show respect to others when they give you advice as it may be helpful in the end. Your choices are your own consequence.

Another thing to keep in mind, Perfection does not exist. Improvement does. Many of us have or do- try not to upset others. Many of us try to be worth others to feel like we are good enough for others. We are all growing and changing. We are not the same person as we were yesterday, last week, six months ago. Sometimes people we were once friends with are no longer our friend. We do not see eye to eye and maybe they are holding us back. Sometimes we hold ourselves back. Please take note Loving oneself is need to improve for the better and that is not easy for everyone.

Many of us have had a Mentor or have one currently. Many of us find it impossible for our Mentor to make a mistake. The fact is your mentor is still human and humans make mistakes. From people who help us and then make a mistake we question their creditability.

Feeling disconnected from the divine. I suspect many of us once or even more felt like the divine have left us or did something to lose them. This can cause us to feel neglected, angered, and other emotions. And sometimes this fallout with them can cause us to leave the craft for an extended period of time. The only solution I have in this. Is have faith in yourself.

Your words do not go unheard. We may not get what we want when we think or need it but in the future we may be able to see the bigger picture of things. When in the past we were only focusing on the small details.

Learn to accept what is given, the good, the bad and the ugly. Once this is learned perhaps we can learn forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion; from this we will grow and better ourselves.

Most of us I assume are rather busy, with not just work or school but in life. We have to juggle so many things, Family, Friends, Loved ones, Money, work, and so many other things. Many of us have found ourselves only focus on one thing at a time. This can cause us to get unbalanced, stressed, overwhelm and fill us with the sense of doubt. So what is the solution? Learning balance, self-care, and learning from our mistakes.

Take time for the day to meditate, relax, decompress, and plan things. But do not plan things so much that if something changes it causes you to spiral into the pit of doubt. Sometime making a grid can assist us. Labeling all the factors in your life- Yourself, Friends, Family, Love, Work, Studies, Hobbies and so forth. After you have this put a percent of how much you think of this daily or how much energy you put into it. Remember to only make it all equal to 100% . If it is over. It means you are overdoing it. And perhaps the places you put the most energy try to lessen it so you can find balance. You do not need to neglect anyone, including yourself for overdoing in something that you could find a balance for.

As one person once said and many repeat- You reap what you sow.

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