Actual Love Spell?

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Actual Love Spell?

Actual Love Spell?
Post # 1
I'm trying to do a spell that involves creating opportunities of luck to meet, what in the end would be, the perfect boyfriend. Obviously, I know what I mean when I say this: he fits all the major criteria and has the potential to be attracted to me (I'm gay). If anyone has come across a thread I posted several months ago, I was trying to get some straight guy to become infatuated with me, but now I've given that up in favor of something better for me and the other person.

My question is: does this count as a love spell or a luck spell? Ideally, I'd be in a situatiom where this boy would notice me, but I still need the potential for us to meet to be opened. For this to be effective, do I need to perform other spells that get me to have more friends? (I have very few) or could it work simply by my being outside? I live in the city and strangers rarely talk to eachother, so if I did "meet" him the spell might just have us pass by without a hitch and I'd never know it worked.

I know the result I want: to be with the best boyfriend for me, but I'm a little worried of the intricacies. Should I include all my criteria in the spell? Or should I let the magick just read my mind to know what I really want? What if it thinks I want a girl? (I said I was gay but I am homoromantic really, sexually I'm bi) Should I use a love spell even though I'm not making anyone fall in love with me? Or should it be some sort of luck or road opener mixed with a self directed love spell so he'd notice me?
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Re: Actual Love Spell?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
When it comes to matters like this i find the trick is in the wording, and finding that balance of being specific in the purpose of what you are looking for, but being free of specific expectations that might hamper what would have the potential to come your way. Especially when it comes to forming ideal relationships or other things that involve other factors like karma (if you believe in it), soul mates, soul partners, and the like.

And, quite often I find that people in general (myself -definitely- included) don't actually know what they need. Only what they think they would like. In most cases if a person got a relationship that was 100% what they asked for, fulfilling their personal list to the letter, they would be utterly bored. ... or even downright miserable. Feeling stuck, or unchallenged, or otherwise unfulfilled. More often than not, there are also traits that a person needs to have in a aprtner that they might think of as contentious or counter to their needs. But then that is the point. Sometimes a person needs someone else to act as a counterpoint or balancing force to their own tendencies. So that during the relationship both people are inspired to find a golden means.

Long story short; getting what you want might not mean getting what you need.

I would indeed suggest performing a love or attraction spell though. Just try to be aware of yor intent, and taylor the wording to that. For example, move away from a personal list of 'good' or 'bad' traits, like asking for someone who is 'funny' or 'giving', or 'energetic', or 'insatiable'... etc. Simplify it into a single, broad request.

For example, work the spell to ask for your eyes to be opened to the opportunities that will lead you to the 'most ideal partner', with whom you will have the greatest mutual benefit in love, life, and spiritual connection. Or asking for a relationship that will be openly honest, trusting, and complete. ... or even just work the spell directly towards making opportunities for you and your soul-mate to be able to find each other.
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Re: Actual Love Spell?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
You could try doing a spell to make yourself more attractive to other guys (In your case) Focus on what you think is attractive about you and then think about what would make the other person attractive to you. Make a list. Make a sigil out of the list. Burn it to activate. Yes, you have to get out into the world to meet that perfect person. Take a class on a subject you love, maybe you will meet him or possibly her, there.
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Re: Actual Love Spell?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

What you want is a love spell, which is okay - everyone wants love, but judging by all these questions you're probably putting a bit too much thought and doubt into it - doubting yourself and the spell gives it a very high chance of failing.

I have listed various reasons why spells won't work in this post here:

Troubleshooting Spells -

Judging by what you're saying is that you're Bisexual with a preference for Men, so 'letting the spell do its thing' may give you a 'female' instead - you have got to be a little bit more specific in the spell to get you what you want.

We can't give you all the answers on what spell would suit your situation best, I can only recommend that you need to focus on the basics and not to become overworked/overcritical of your magical working.

Oroboros has a very good idea here, focus on yourself - create a spell to make yourself more desirable.

Here is a little more personal advice from me in regards to what you're after - becareful with your desire, magic has a very funny way of doing things and getting it done - just because you think that -insert physical or mental trait here- is what you're after, doesn't mean you need it and you can create something that is probably not at all what you were meaning - I did a love spell to 'Conjure a Desired Mate' - I was approached by what I was looking for, but there were other things about him that made me tell him to go away and leave me alone (He actually began stalking me).

Becareful what you wish for, it may come true - or you'll get more than you bargained for.

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Re: Actual Love Spell?
Post # 5
I have been seeing you online and i was wondering if you practise spell or you want help, if you think you do, i could?

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