Izanami no mikoto

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Izanami no mikoto
Post # 1
She is the Japanese goddess of death and creation in Japanese mythology her husband wand her created Japan basically and she gave birth to fire litterly this killed her so her husband being a god decided to pull a dantes inferno and try to rescue her from the under world but after stealing her comb and burning it so he could see her he flipped out for she was once beautiful but now she was rotting as a corpse and then legged it and blocked the entrance to the under world with a massive boulder so she could never leaving poor izanami to rot litterally all by her self for eternity alone she vowed she would kill 1,000 residents of the living each day as revenge for her torture his husband angery that she was angery at him vowed to create 1,500 new life a day to counter her when I first read her story I felt great sympathy for her I felt so sorry and wished I could reach out to her i didn't have to she did to me i ended up looseing connection intill today were I found myself bored with work and in a trance like state found my self writhing here name on my arm and hearing here name in my head this is a clear sign she is reaching out for me my qeustion how do I respond go about and grow on this ? Her name literally means the one who invites btw since she has been know to try and invite the living to live with her in the underworld
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Re: Izanami no mikoto
Post # 2
Well after the whole Yomi-boulder-kill-thousands-of-people thing, I'm not sure if this is something you necessarily want, but consider her areas of influence, and any patronage she offers. A lot of people will engage in activities their deity influences; for example, the Romans traditionally held festivals honoring Mars in October, often engaging in mock battles or actual warfare, as October marked the end of Mars' duty guarding agriculture and the beginning of the season of war. I don't know much about Izanami-no-kami outside of stories, but I'm sure she has some spheres of influence.
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Re: Izanami no mikoto
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
If you haven't already, and you intend to work with Kami, research into Shinto practice and how to properly address and call out to the Kami. It's also good to understand the specific Kami and folklore associated with them.

I have a home shrine set up for Inari Okami which you can see in my photos in my profile. It's important to understand the cultural context these beings come from.
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