Hi, need help in wicca

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Forums -> Wicca -> Hi, need help in wicca

Hi, need help in wicca
Post # 1
Hi all, thanks for reading this. I may be a little familiar, I was originally "metalwitch" but I made a different account since the original was being not too good to me. So I need some advice from anyone who chooses to help. I have been studying magic and paganism since age 14, I'm now 17. At around the beginning, I was looking it up online and my mom caught me. she said how she doesn't want me being wiccan or doing magic, that she would rather me do it years after turning 18, but she prefers me never being a part of it. She used to be wiccan, but now follows more of the native American spirituality. She suggested I follow that instead. I looked it up, and really a few of the beliefs about nature I already believed in. But I felt that wicca was truly right for me, more than anything else. So I continued my studying in secret. Only a few friends of mine knew about it. I still practice now, and still feel that its right for me, but at the same time I feel guilt because I'm doing something behind my parents' backs. I wish I can be open about my beliefs to them and they'd accept... I hate the secrecy, and in a way I feel like doing something they wouldn't accept would bring me negative karma (I follow the wiccan rede) What are your thoughts on this mess? Any advice? Thanks! Blessed Be.
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Re: Hi, need help in wicca
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: Hi, need help in wicca
Post # 3
Your mother seems like someone who is quite reasonable when you explained that she would rather you study it years after you turn 18, and how she was once wiccan too.
I think it would be best to talk to your mother about it, ask her what changed her mind on it, and why she would rather you wait until older than 18.
Her reaction is unlike other more "defensiive of their religion" type.
As for negative karma, overall being dishonest with other people is just not how you want to live like especially your parents, however your intentions are not malicious but the guilt you have in the long run might impede on your practice.
I still think the best is that you talk to your mother. :)
I wish you the best of luck.
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Re: Hi, need help in wicca
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

In my personal opinion, while you are still living in your parent's home you should abide by their wishes. That means, at least for now, not actually practicing Wicca under their roof. Lying about what you are doing isn't a good habit to get into and will only result in more problems when your parents find out what you are doing, and they will find out.

In the meantime, until you turn 18 or until you move out on your own there are quite a few things you can be doing that will be useful in your Wiccan studies and practices once you are able to freely practice. They include:

- Focus on academic studies.
- Read about different mythologies, cultures, and the history of ancient peoples.
- Learn about the natural world where they live (the animals, plants, trees, and geology of their part of the world).
- Attend spiritual worship services of diverse faiths.
- Write and journal their thoughts and feelings.
- Pray and meditate.
- Give back to the world through community service.
- Embrace physical, mental, and emotional health.

No one can or should tell you how to believe. You can certainly believe in the teachings an practices of Wicca. But honoring the wishes of your parents while living under their roof is part of living in accordance with those teachings. I think you already know this, and that is why you are feeling guilty right now.

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Re: Hi, need help in wicca
Post # 5
Yes Lark I do believe that is why I feel the guilt. Thank you both for your thoughts on this matter!
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