Powerful Money spell

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Powerful Money spell
Post # 1
i really need money for an upcoming event not a lot so, i have written and done the spell for 2weeks now, but i did the spell twice because i think i missed some things while doing it the first time so, i repeated it. i am thinking should i give it more time or could it have been ruined it because i did it twice
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Re: Powerful Money spell
By: / Novice
Post # 2

What is the spell you are casting? How important is the event? Is the event really neccessary? Do you have a job? What effort are you putting in? These are some valid questions along with many others.

Money isn't just going to come out of the blue unless you win the lottery (which you still spent money on) or got lucky enough to find a dollar on the ground. A few hundred dollars isn't going to happen. Magic is an aid that helps you in your effort. Unfortunately, it may not come in ways you want (i.e. your mother dies & you inherit her money). The safest bet is you having to work for that money. That is life and the ways of most economies. If you have a job, magic might help you increase the chances of a raise or even for a promotion. That is the effort you make when performing your job to your best. Magic helps with the chance of things (an influence) depending on how much effort you are willing to give for what you desire. If magic could make money then we would destroy our economy.

I'm not saying magic can't do what you are asking, but I am insisting that you need to consider the possibilities of results. You might need to recognize what you need than what you want and if it interferes with someone else. Some people carry money & good lucks charms to help aid them or might even say chants when they find a coin (i.e. finding a penny on heads for luck). The possibility of finding or winning 10 dollars isn't impossible with magic, but a few hundred dollars will most likely not happen. Magic won't make money appear overnight. There is no "easy" spell so remember the results that could happen.

I've concluded that there isn't enough information present about the situation to jump to any conclusions. Remember, details are important in spell casting.

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Re: Powerful Money spell
Post # 3
Thank you for your response. I'm new here, and to Wicca in general so I have much to learn. The very thought of losing someone I love and have the possibility that it was at least in part because of a spell that I cast would be unimaginable. I really appreciate that you brought that to the forethought.
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Re: Powerful Money spell
Post # 4
I am surprised how magic practitioners lean only on magic, without "physical" action for the accomplishment of their will.
Like every magic procedure, first use a divinatory method to discover the open doors for you to use your potential with the goal of acquiring resources, or to fit your efforts into the proper pay. If you are an economist you can fool "luck" with statistics, but this deception magic is much more likely to not work.
So you found the best way to get resources? Then yes, then work on the magic parallel to your physical action. Failure to do so will give a "shot in the dark", sometimes spoiling what you have already conquered. It will be like asking a trained economist with no other qualification to build buildings ... It does not work. Imagine that it will "save" the cost of steel to make the columns !!!!
Kapufff !!!!!! A disaster...
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