How to meditate

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How to meditate
Post # 1
Hi, before you start to cast a spell, you must meditate first right? Well there are many ways to meditate so I don't which one is the correct way to do it. Some say just leave your mind blank but some say that you need to visualise a spirit ball around you and so on... Can anyone teach me how to do it please?
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Re: How to meditate
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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Re: How to meditate
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Well, first, it's a recommendation to meditate before magical workings but not a necessity.

Second, meditation is much more than having a blank mind. Meditation is a means of gaining control over ones mind, thoughts, and body as it were. This can be focused or to clear the mind and so on. Having control over your mind will help your focus among other things.

Meditation can be done in so many different ways. The correct way is what works best for you. It can take a lot of practice to figure out which ways are useful for you. personally my favorite meditations are moving meditation, Thai chi, yoga, dancing, walking/running. Music can be very helpful, most suggest something peaceful, again it's really whatever works for you.

Try out different meditations, find what works best for you and practice.
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Re: How to meditate
Post # 4
I agree, meditation has many many ways! I'm going to give you an easy one! Breath in in the count of 4-6 (either 4, 5 or six), hold for same amount of time and exhale the same time.

Another simple and effective one is this: Breath in and imagine you breath white light, imagine t to be Universal, spiritual, cleansing and such; when you breath out, imagine dark smoke with all negativity and stress going out; do it slowly.

You can even invent your own meditations in visualization or anything. They say that because it will calm and focus your energy and center you; you should ground too before a spell; not necessary but it helps a lot.

Best of luck!!!
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Re: How to meditate
Post # 5
There are many ways to meditate! Meditating is asking us to focus and remain focus on our goals which can clean our minds about any junks of ideas that we have gone through everyday which can also give us refreshed minds and centering thought about ourselves. Witchcraft and meditation are almost the same.
You can try to do a more traditional meditation, sitting on your bed or on the floor, closing your eyes and inhaling and exhaling, letting your thoughts come and go without interacting with them, feeling and being aware of your body, being distanct and present at the same time. It takes time and concentration to get it right, but don't give up!
Or you could do crochet, dance, take long walks, do a puzzle, whatever works for you! Meditation is about cleaning our minds, so you probably know it better than anyone what makes you feel relaxed and focused.
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Re: How to meditate
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I remember having troubles understanding Meditation as well. It took a while for me to click on treating it as a term rather than any specific activity. Meditation is any mental or physical action that brings your conscious focus into the present moment. Then, once in that present moment, you take advantage of that mental state to any specific task you would like.

Counting your breaths is meditation. Staring at a candle flame is meditation. Repeating a mantra is a meditation. Listening to the tone of a bell as it fades slowly out to nothing is a meditation. Heck. Sitting in one spot and thinking about a specific problem can be considered meditation.

The purpose of meditation is to move the mind away (if only temporarily) from spending energy and emotions on the future or past and instead committing all of that divided focus into a single topic in the present moment. Then you can direct that focus towards a specific problem, question, or goal.

In regards to meditation before working magic, for example. You can sit and be still, and think specifically about the spell itself. Bring yourself into focus on the upcoming act of casting. Think about the outcome you are looking for. ask yourself if you are being honest about your intent. Consider the different symbols and actions of the spell and how they connect to representing the situation challenges and how they will be overcome. Imagine yourself already doing the spell, from beginning to end, and it ending in a release of energy and intent.

In short, sit and focus on the magic you are intending to work to bring yourself into 'the zone'. Where your mind is thinking about the spell, its process, and how it will work on the aether to succeed. So that while you are drawing your circle you aren't actually thinking about the laundry. Or while you are lighting a candle you aren't wondering what to make for dinner. Or when you are speaking out your intent you aren't also wondering if that friend you have is going to want to go to the bar this weekend, because last time he got kinda drunk and it was funny- until he embarrassed me by hitting on that other girl I hadn't seem before... jeez she was dressed like a street-walker too. All fishnets and plastic bling... And so on.

Think of your mind like a radio station you are trying t o listen to, but all around you there is water running, a tv turned on, fans running, an air conditioner, you are writing a story on your laptop, and someone's knocking at the door. It is incredibly difficult to concentrate on the one thing you actually want to listen to with all of that going on. Meditation is muting the tv, turning off the fans, shutting the tap, and putting a 'do not disturb' sign on the door. It's making your mind quieter so you can tune in to the things you want to.
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