Replenishing energy

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Replenishing energy
Post # 1
Hey I've seen this around but never really read to much into it I've read some ways to commune with nature or whatever and drawing energy to revitalise your self aka wake you up a bit and this would be extremely usefulness for me in my life
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Re: Replenishing energy
Post # 2
Is there a question in there? Are you asking how some of us do that, or...?
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Re: Replenishing energy
Post # 3
You could try some meditation breathing excersises or even preassure poits at your body.
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Re: Replenishing energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Personally I find that most times I connect with and channel energy from around myself it doesn't provide a boost in energy so much as giving me a sense of calm and centeredness. It may just be the kinds of energy I usually draw from, seeing as my normal focus is on working with healing energy. This isn't to say that a session of energy working won't provide a boost in personal energy though. I suppose it just depends on where you pull that energy from, and how you put it to use.

Usually to pump up and feel more energetic, you would want to connect with places or events that produce a similar energy. For example highly energetic natural events like lightning storms, wind storms, waterfalls/white rapid rivers, etc. The energy of an area is usually reflective or synergistic with the nature of the place or event. Just as one isn't likely to gain a sense of peace and centeredness while in the middle of a heavy metal concert, it is equally challenging to get a sense of activity and motion from sitting by a reflecting pool.

Of course here I'm also going to put in the usual advice that the most consistent way to maintain health and energy is to eat proper nutrition (avoiding processed food as much as possible), have adequate sleep, and do something once every day that gets your blood pumping and puts you into a bit of a sweat for ten or fifteen minutes. IE; jogging, jumping jacks, a few push-ups, running up and down some stairs, some sit-ups, a hard bike ride (on a gear that requires actual effort to peddle), swimming, a quick hike up a steep trail, etc.

Our physical bodies run on physical energy, so waking up the metabolism and training the body to feed on your fat stores instead of your blood sugar go a long ways in boosting your energy. For many it also helps to change their eating habits from three large meals to six smaller ones. You literally divide your portions in half, and eat every two or three hours. It maintains a low constant presence of food in the digestive tract, and a more constant blood-sugar level. It also prevents overloading of the digestive process by limiting the amount of food that is present at once.

As far as actually connecting to and drawing energy into yourself, the old standby is meditation, and visualization. Like with any other energy-working practice, the best place to begin is with taking a moment (or two or three breaths) to get yourself centered and mentally in the present moment. Once you feel a sense of internal awareness or otherwise feel more focused, imagine yourself opening up to the specific kind of energy you are looking to gather. This is one of those things where the actual imagery or idea to use is very individual and subjective, so it is difficult to offer specifics.

Think about other things you do or are familiar with that carry a mental concept of reaching outward, connecting to a specific energy, and then letting it soak into you like water to a dry sponge. Personally I use the lightning-rod approach. I imagine myself as being something like a radio antenna that might be able to receive all the different frequencies out there, but I am only listening for the ones I want to connect with. Then I imagine that specific energy coming into me like a spreading warmth, or like light hitting me and being soaked up through my skin. You could also use that sponge analogy I made a moment ago, or you could draw mental lines or roots between yourself and the source of the energy, or you could imagine the energy as a part of the air that you take inward with each breath.

If you have ever practiced any Chi-gung or tai-chi, you can also employ some of those breathing exercises or that technique that has affectionately been termed 'psi-balling' as well. For psi-balling, you just need to adjust the idea from building a ball of light between your hands out of the energy of your body, to building that same ball out of the energy around you that you want to collect. When done, touch both hands to your solar plexus and imagine putting the 'ball' inside of the area to spread out through you from there.
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Re: Replenishing energy
By: / Novice
Post # 5
there's a number of ways you can charge [look at the tree method, Lark wrote a forum about it called Ground and Center] for a more nature based way you can talk a walk in the woods or surrounded by nature and just observe/feel the energy. you could also hug a tree and feel the energy flowing. granted these work better if you already have a basic feel for the flow of energy. barefoot walks in the grass/sand can also work.
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