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Post # 1
Hello i join this site a couple of weeks ago, and im wondering how and when am i going to get my reputation on my profile. I made a bio and eveything telling and explaining everything i do, but i still dont have one.
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Re: Reputation
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Reputation is given when you have contributed an amount of useful information to the website. Displaying knowledge and the right attitude towards others in both your profile, the chat and forums.

It isn't something that occurs instantly, and can take a considerable amount of time for you to build reputation, both as a title on your profile as well as with other members.

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Re: Reputation
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Reputations are assigned to members by those site members who are ranked as Knowledgeable or as Adept. Generally it takes more than one such member to assign a reputation.

Criteria used to assign rankings include being active in the Forums and Chat, demonstrating a sound knowledge of magic and/or other occult subjects, sharing useful and sound information with others, mature interactions with others, and respectful behavior towards other members, etc.

It often takes time to obtain a reputation. I came to this board with some 30 years of magical training and experience yet I had no reputation for several years after that. I wasn't posting that much back then so it took awhile before anyone noticed whether I knew my stuff or not.

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Re: Reputation
Post # 4
I see you're excited to get started. I am also very new to this site. Might I suggest that you just enjoy what SOM has to offer without worrying about the "Title" next to your name? I know it is nice to have so others can identify with you but for now, Enjoy this great website and take in all you can from it. Give back what you are able and stand idle when you must. When you can do this you will be able to achieve what you seek. It will happen when you don't seek it out. Enjoy your journey.
*Blessed Be*
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Re: Reputation
Post # 5

Very wise advise ! As I am new to SOM myself, well not a new member, but just getting able to participate new, I appreciate knowing how things work and knowing that not all are what the cover of the book may represent ! I like to read the covers of books before I read them but sometimes I peek inside at some of the pages, and I am very surprised at what is inside the binder that I didn't expect to find. Some rare jewles have I found in what may seem not so interesting at first glance !

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