Self Image/Confidence

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Self Image/Confidence
Post # 1
Hey! So I have a friend who asked me if I had any tips or spells I use to help with a very unstable identity and bad self image (mainly body image), and I've given her some advice but I was wondering if anyone here has spells or whatever that have helped them in the past! Nothing like changing your body or identity, just something to help accept it and feel stable in yourself.
If you do please reply, it would be appreciated and a lot of help, thank you!
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Re: Self Image/Confidence
Post # 2
It's not a spell, but I've found that carrying a piece rose quartz or wearing a rose quartz necklace can help a lot with self love and body image.
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Re: Self Image/Confidence
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
This isn't as much a spell as an affirmation, but I imagine it can be adapted into a spell...

When your friend has time, have him/her make a list of his/her positive traits of a piece of paper. Just single word concepts that summ things up. You might want to be there to help by being a sounding board.

things like 'friendly', 'helpful', 'giving', 'good at pwning people in first person shooters', 'punctual', 'can eat more cookies in one sitting than anyone else I know.' ... literally -anything- that gives an idea of being positive, fun, or otherwise good. When you run out of traits to add, pear it down to fifteen or so favorites then think up two or three more that your friend wants to develop in him/her self.

Next take a second, sturdier piece of paper (like card stock or something), and rewrite those same attributes onto it in a neat list. But begin each attribute with the words "I am". No specific order is required, other than slipping in the 'not present but desired' traits in amongst them at random. It helps them blend in with the rest.

The task is for your friend to read that card, out loud once every day. I recommend either right before bed so the words can stew around while he/she sleeps, or of course first thing in the morning so it can help set a positive outlook for the day. Both would be ideal. This is more of an 'adjustment by slow osmosis' approach.

A couple possible additions would be to rub the card gently with fresh rose petals or another flower that your friend likes the scent of, as the scent and affirmation will become associated. Then any time that scent is encountered it will also reinforce the words.
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