Help with tarot reading

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Help with tarot reading
Post # 1


I have problems with reading well few cards. Lately, I have asked cards about one person and I cannot say if I am really certain what they tried to tell me.


1. Knight of Wands (my readiness)

2. Nine of Cups (his readiness)

3. Nine of Pentacles (what we have in common)

4. Six of Swords (what separates us)

5. The Emperor (what will help)

6. Five of Wands (what will cause damage)

7. Seven of Swords (summary)

I will be more than grateful if anyone could help me with this case...

Bless you.

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Re: Help with tarot reading
Post # 2
1. in this i see you want this relationship to last. it has been one you were doing your best to form. you're happy to see that you both are connected. there are similarities between you and this other person. you havenn't met another like them.

2. he is surrounded by other people. they lean on him. men and women. they see him as approachable. he is very in touch with his answers for them. he has experiences of what they are going through. As of now, he hasn't had a close tie to anyone in a log time. they weigh him down. he doesnt want to focus on one person for too long. he is afraid they'll make him change. you to him have shown to be a postive person. he likes you, but he doesn't know you well enough.

3. family. broken. i see you both have had conflicts with the people around you. his experiences stem from what they have done. to him and others. he doesnt trust very well. you have a tendency to push away or back away with conflict. you both like each other's company. its quiet with the two of you around.

4. you want to be ready to open up to him. he doesnt want to hurt you. he likes you, yet hes scared of direct feeling. it's too raw. hes scared of being hurt himself. he won't show his emotions, his concerns. he doesn't want the past ypu arent connected to happen again. he will ghost on you if you push too hard. contact. speaking one to one. he isnt used to a one on one conversation. he feels comfortable with multiple conversations at once. it'll change how he sees you. it will be slow change that will get to him. dont push too hard.

6. big change. he doesn't like it when everything around him changes too fast. he knows that it will result in end of friendships or just the end. he doesn't want to change his self vews on himself. they are not very nice at all, but thats how he protects himself. his own being.

7. the other person is broken. as well as you who has some concerns to work out yourself. you both are friendly on the outside and get a long. if you wish for more than friendship, it will take time for him to take down his walls and for you to tell the whole truth.

I hope this reading has helpped you.
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Re: Help with tarot reading
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

Can answer questions regarding this
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Re: Help with tarot reading
Post # 4

Basic advice, but your cards will always mean something different to you than they do other people. Try looking into how you felt when you drew the cards, the feelings you got while looking at them, if your cards have faces look at their expressions, the symbolism in the cards.

The reading you make might not always have to do with the card you get, but your relation to it, your experience with it, and the imagery in it compared to the same card of another deck.

Maybe if you're having trouble try another spread, or make your own. You can always redo the reading, sometimes you just have to let things be and the cards will make sense later. Good luck!

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