Summoning Djiinni 101

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Summoning Djiinni 101
Post # 1
New Spellcaster here, looking do to research into the summoning and binding of Djinni, elemental spirits. Is there anyone here with experience as a conjuror who could offer helpful tips and advice on summoning rituals, or any kind of rules that should be followed when binding and handling Djinni?

One particular things I'm most interested in learning are the potential dangers of interacting with Different varieties of Djinni, and the potential abilities/limitations of each variety of Djinn once they've been summoned, bound and befriended (apparently you have to gain the trust of a bound Djinn before they will start doing anything complex for you.)

That's another interesting snippet I'd like to discuss. What's the best method for befriending a Djinn? Should I just load the sucker up with psychic energy once it's bound? Or are there more subtle and less intrusive ways to earn it's trust?
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Re: Summoning Djiinni 101
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
I suppose the first step is to educate yourself about the Djinni. What they are, what roles they play in history and mythology, and the things that they favor or hate. Djinni are not just 'elemental' entities. They are spirits from Arabian and Islamic faiths that are considered lower than angels, but containing the power to change their form to appear as humans or animals and have the ability to put forward either good or evil intent towards people.

In other words they are intelligent entities with free will who choose their own path, and are potent enough to directly interact with people and have a direct effect on them and their well-being. So, not to be taken lightly. The best course of action would be to be specific in calling or inviting a friendly Djinn to come to you in peace. And say away from trying to bind one- if you have to ask any of the sort of questions you have posted then you are nowhere near skilled enough to try and do this. Good-natured or not it is an instant invite of direct malice to try and imprison an entity of free will. Of any kind. After all just like people they want to -keep- that free will and will work to maintain it, gain freedom if it is lost, and otherwise do anything they could to subvert, attack, or otherwise break free and if not escape then exact as much revenge as possible.

Quick tip. the idea of gaining trust of a bound anything is pretty impossible. To bind something means by definition to tie or restrict it. Trust and restriction are by their core nature mutually opposed.

If you are looking to gain a Djinn as a friend then I recommend inviting one -as- a friend. Through that friendship and trust you might even learn some interesting things from the entity, as it might start teaching you or acting as a guide or protector as time goes on.

This also leads in to the best way of befriending a Djinn as by being, well, friendly. When inviting a Djinn, be clear in that you are calling for an entity that will come in peace, with no ill intent or malice, and be truthful in why you are calling for one. This takes being truthful with yourself as well so a lot of personal examination is needed. Be aware of what you truly are honestly wanting to gain from the encounter. Also be specific in what you will not allow, such s harm or ill will towards yourself or those around you, and to only accept the presence of a Djinn who wishes to share in mutual friendship.

Then, if there is a Djinn out there who feels agreeable to the idea you are putting forward, or feels a connection or sense of purpose to make contact with you, it will do so of its own volition.
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