Love Spell Back Fired

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Love Spell Back Fired
Post # 1
I performed a love spell, had a list of qualities. I thought of no one and was not attempting to bring back a former lover. I met someone and thought it was perfect had 80% of the qualities O was looking for and just felt too good to be true... it was. Not sure what I am suppose to do.
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Re: Love Spell Back Fired
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Well, that is unfortunate, however this is why love spells are generally not used because it interferes with a person's free will.
It was not meant to be. Try a spell to make yourself more attractive, you never know where your true love will be.
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Re: Love Spell Back Fired
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

Remember that love spells only make it more likely that you will meet someone who you will love and who will love you. But love spells do not create love itself. If you want a relationship and a love that will last you will still have to do all the hard work in making that relationship continue that you would had you never cast the spell. If you don't the spell will just fizzle out and die.

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Re: Love Spell Back Fired
Post # 4
Well the person that I was connecting with claimed it was all an act to get his girlfriend to either leave or pay attention to him and that he was just using me the whole time.
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Re: Love Spell Back Fired
Post # 5
Love spells generally do one of three things. One, they attempt to strengthen a bond between two people that already existed; these generally tend to work alright, because it's not such a stretch to do it yourself. Two, they attempt to draw possible love interests to you. These usually work fine, but it's up to you as a person to build those bonds to the extent of actual love. Three, they attempt to force a bond where none was there before. These almost never work, and if they do, they usually end badly. Incompatible people are still incompatible, no matter how much time or effort or magic you throw at it. It sounds to me like you were going for number one, but ended up with number three. It's probably for the best; the guy sounds like a jackwagon anyway, pardon my candor.
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