Energy Manipulation

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Energy Manipulation
Post # 1
I have a couple questions.
Not fluff. Real questions. I understand different people have different beliefs and opinions, I welcome all.

1) Are psi/chi balls (balls of energy that you can physically see) real? How do you achieve/create them?

2) Can you manipulate the elements, I'm not talking Avatar, just like, using your energy to make a candle go out (not light a candle) or move the flame to the side (staying on the wick).

3) Or with water, for example, pouring water and "bending" it an inch, as if your hand was in the stream. NOT LIKE AVATAR/MOVIES where you move your hands out, making a path through the ocean, etc. That's just silly.

4) Levitation, AGAIN, not like in the movies "light as a feather..." where they levitate PEOPLE. But like, using and projecting energy. For example, holding a small eraser and making it levitate off your hand.

My main question is, are these real? Possible?
What are you guys' opinions?
I know everyone has different opinions, and beliefs, all are welcome.

Blessed Be
- Iris Rose
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Re: Energy Manipulation
Post # 2
Okie doke, you kind of seem to already know the answer, but no, none of that stuff is really possible, to me at least. There are a lot of people that believe the slightest manipulation of elements such as you have described is possible, but I feel like we'd all have heard if that. Regarding psi balls, while you cannot see them, with enough practice perceiving energy, you can feel them. Usually as a wave of warmth or uplifting energy.
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Re: Energy Manipulation
Post # 3
Personally, I don't believe you can do most.

I always like to keep doubt, so I don't want to say it's impossible because (keep in mind, I have never APed) spirits supposedly can move the flames of candles. I guess I would not be surprised if you could move candle flames, but water is too heavy.

I have never heard of chi balls so I don't really know. I guess it would be pretty probable to see them in the Astral Realm. Some people believe if you meditate right you can see fairies, but fairies are more of glowing light balls. So maybe?

Sorry, I'm not much help. :)
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Re: Energy Manipulation
Post # 4
Thank you for your opinions. They both help.

My posting this was not only for myself, but others whom doubt or are wondering also.

Blessed Be.

- IR
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Re: Energy Manipulation
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Psi balls are not visible to the human eye, but they are real. It's a form of meditation where you can feel your own energy. The way I approach it is sitting comfortably, forming my hands around an imaginary ball and focusing on spreading my energy into it. If you slowly try to push it, you can feel the resistance in your hands. It's pretty cool, actually. I definitely recommend trying it some time :)
As for the other stuff, I don't think that's possible. Unless you mean like waving your hand at a flame and having it move from the air current. But just with concentration, I've never heard of anything like that actually happening.
Hope this helped! Best of luck to you!
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Re: Energy Manipulation
Post # 6
Thank you so much :)

Blessed Be
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