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Need an opinion
Post # 1
I was on facebook and had a free reading done. This woman had an zodiac board with the yes no maybe in the center. She had a pendulum that would swing on it's on.

I asked her if a certain individual and me would get married and the pendulum swung to one side saying yes. But when other people asked a question it would swing back and forth on both yes's.

Since it only swung to one yes on mine, what does that mean?

Re: Need an opinion
Post # 2
Honestly, it might not mean anything. I'm personally skeptical of readings of any kind done for me by other people, especially if that reading is done over the internet. I wouldn't stress too much about it, friend.

Re: Need an opinion
Post # 3
But the woman is married right now already so.. maybe they will divorce?

Re: Need an opinion
Post # 4
Maybe. I think it's something like 40% of first marriages end in divorce, so I'd be lying if I said it wasn't possible.

Re: Need an opinion
Post # 5
Well i've remained celibate for 2 years now waiting for her. Even though it appears it's not likely.

Re: Need an opinion
Post # 6
Here's a question that may seem insulting, but does she know about your feelings for her? Be wary of a situation so stagnant and drawn. In my experience, if nothing is changing, something needs to change.

Re: Need an opinion
By: / Beginner
Post # 7
There are a few things to bear in mind whenever you are having someone do a reading for you. First, is understanding the nature of the medium being used, as compared to the person's experience in using it. Some methods are trickier than others to manage well.

When it comes to pendulums, they are a challenge by simple virtue of their nature. By dangling a weight from the fingertips, it can be affected by as little as one's heartbeat or breathing, and even personal thoughts can cause subtle movements in the arm and hand that will change the direction of the swing over time. This means that it takes a good amount of steadyness and self-awreness on the part of the medium.

No one can have a perfect, motionless, balanced hold on the pendulum, but through practice and experience a medium can be aware of their thoughts and how they might influence the swing to use it to better connect their intuition to the act, and to be aware of when they might have influenced the swing.

Do you know how long the person has been practicing working with pendulums? And/or how seriously the person takes the practice? in the end this is what matters more than how many times it might have swung into a particular direction, because it is up to the medium to observe the behavior of the pendulum and interpret it.

Also remember that no matter the magical practice, nothing operates in absolutes. Divining can help to reveal an inclination towards a particular outcome, or it can provide a window into the lessons and opportunities one might encounter through that situation, but it does not definitively answer the exact outcome. Especially if that outcome is even remotely centered on human choice. And the longer the time-frame, the more opportunities there are for something to change.

I have a ton of little sayings and axioms that I love to use and contemplate. One of them was originally directed towards Horoscopes, but it also applies to pretty much any form of divinatory practice;

"The stars incline, they do not compel."

In the end, your reading might indeed mean that there is a tendency towards your relationship resulting in a marriage, if you pursue it. But also bear in mind that such a yes or no answer does not include how that marriage is reached, when it comes about, or whether that relationship will be a healthy/beneficial one. So it would be wise to treat it as a good omen rather than a guaranteed result.

Re: Need an opinion
By: / Novice
Post # 8
If your heart's desire is married, leave her alone.

Re: Need an opinion
Post # 9
I'm inclined to agree with Ouroboros on this one. It would probably be best to walk away from this, and her.

Re: Need an opinion
Post # 10
I agree with everything so far mentioned. And especially with the nature of an online medium. You have to be careful. Some people are real, some aren't, not to mention this reading is something you could do for yourself easily, so it makes no sense for her to give you one. Especially when her reading is a vague yes, no, or maybe. A good rule of thumb is to be especially cautious around vague readings by people you aren't certain of.

Now, for the actual question.

Love is complex. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. But you shouldn't disturb it. Is she happy? Is she well? Is she emotionally secure? Physically secure? And finally, is she in love with the person she married? If there was a reason, such as a loveless marriage or abuse, I'd say step in as a friend. Support her decisions unless they are a direct danger to her or someone else.

But if she is with someone who loves her, cares for her, and doesn't hurt her, stay back. Be a friend, be there for her and respect her decisions. There are plenty of other people you could be with, some just as good, some worse, some better. You just haven't found them yet or haven't given them a chance. Why not keep your relationships open? Maybe her marriage will fail (and honestly that sounds terrible) but maybe your life partner is wondering the same thing. How will she get your heart when you're strictly connected to her?

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