Moon Cycles

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Moon Cycles
Post # 1
I need advice.

Every month, between the hours of a Full Moon, and the New Moon, I'm sent into an emotional tailspin. I know that this is where the word "lunatic" comes from, but I really need help controlling it.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

Blessed Be
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Re: Moon Cycles
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hi Minxy

every full moon and new moon we are find are selves feeling more emotional and full of energy or at least I do. what I have been doing for three years now is using the power of the full moon and new moon to complete a self cleansing ritual.
I personally do this to remove all negativity and unwanted emotions so I can start afresh. this also goes for my house, I personally hate clutter and use this time to go though everything, cleaning and getting rid of stuff I don't use or don't need. if something doesn't make me feel happy or isn't personally, I tend to give it away to a charity.

by doing this it de-clutters my mind and space. , when i have de-cluttered the house i go around with a cleansing spray. i use moon water from the last full moon, lemon, pine, Lavender rose petals, black onyx.
i then go around spaying each room saying a blessing each time. after the spray i go around with smudge or sage and say another blessing.
then on the new moon hour before i will sit down and meditate focusing on clearing my mind and body

you could create a ritual similar to help you.

let me know if this helps, blessed be
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Re: Moon Cycles
Post # 3

It could be a chemical issues. Due to the menstraul cycle women are effected differently based on the time of their cycle. Whether it is due to menstratuion or ovulation. It could also be your diet or might be linked to a mental inbalance. Perhaps speak to your doctor and ask them it.

If you are interested you could look for tea's that support emotional balance. Such as chamomile for calming or St John's wort. Also crystals and other things help as well.

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Re: Moon Cycles
Post # 4
Thanks. That's really helpful. Will definitely be trying that.
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Re: Moon Cycles
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Merry Meet

Grounding especially around this time as well ash shielding can help with your energy. You might also consider carry a crystal or herb with you to clear your mind. I tend to go with clear quartz but use what you feel works best. Taking a walk in nature can also help calm and center your mind.

Blessed Be.
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