A q. for the busy ones...

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> A q. for the busy ones...

A q. for the busy ones...
Post # 1
I mean moderators and high ranking people on this website... Since you are so busy with the site, how do you actually find personal time to practise Magick?
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Re: A q. for the busy ones...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Most of us have jobs, families, and so on as well. Personally I am a rancher and mother of a toddler, a wife, and have a social life outside SoM, all ontop of being a moderator and priestess of a coven. Everyone has things going on in their lives, we learn to deal with it.

Just as I balanced my mundane life and magical life before I do so now. I make time, and I choose to utilize my time where I find it. Seizing the moments as I can. Rituals I usually schedule into my time, as I work around my family, and timing can be helpful.

While I am on site, I am doing many things. One of them is doing research into my interests, practices, and theory, which I add to my personal workings where I see fit. I discuss magical workings with other members who's opinions I value, as well as a small few with whom I practice. I personally choose to utalize this site as much as possible while enjoying myself and trying to help this community and it's members. Personally it inspires me to work harder on my magical abilities, knowledge, practice, and understanding.
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Re: A q. for the busy ones...
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
I agree with everything that Sparrow said. However, I would like to add that balance does not mean equal. Just because you give 45 minutes to one thing that does not mean you have to give 45 minutes to other things.

I work 40 hours a week. I try to be here at least once a day during the work week. Some days, I can't do it. I am here on weekends, however, I have things to do that pull me away for hours at a time.

Give all things you are involved in the best you can while you are involved in them and remember to take time to care for yourself.
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Re: A q. for the busy ones...
Post # 4
Thanks guys!
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