Anyone worked with this?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Anyone worked with this?

Anyone worked with this?
Post # 1
I just bought a deck called 'The illuminated Tarrot'

I was drawn to it because of how it 'folds' the deck into only 53 cards instead of the traditional deck.

You see when I first did readings they were on my personally created tiles that I assigned an inferred meaning to.

because of this 'abnormaility' of her deck I was drawn to it.

I just want to know if anyone else knew of it or has one or has advise to reading with it.
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Re: Anyone worked with this?
Post # 2
From wat i can see there is limited detail on each card. This deck would not be for a beginner. Tarot cards usually have detailed pictures that can be read many ways. With this deck you get the bare minimum of each suite. Also I see there are hearts and diamonds on it. The traditional deck has wands, swords, chalices, and pentacles. I would read the book this deck came with. Go with your gut feeling. From what I'm hearing you're used to creating meaning to your cards. So make these your own. The cards only guide a teller to the fortune. It is you who sees its' meaning.
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Re: Anyone worked with this?
Post # 3
Yeah the deack turns the swords, pentacles, Wands and Cups into Hearts, Clubs, Spades and Diamonds. however they are direct ports. all cups were redone as hearts for example.

also the deck is only 53 cards. all the major arxana are 'folded' into the minor. for example. the joker is the Fool while the Ace of clubs(wands - fire) also is elevsted to the Strength card.

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Re: Anyone worked with this?
Post # 4
As I'm typing this, I realised its started to turn into a little bit of a review on the Illuminated Tarot deck, sorry if its a long read but you can jump to the last paragraph.

I too have recently purchased The Illuminated Tarot deck by Caitlin Keegan,
I have to ask first whether you are a beginner Tarot reader or more advanced because although this deck is absolutely gorgeous, I would not recommend this deck to a beginner or even more intermediate.
Most traditional tarot decks contain 78 cards maybe with a few extras, however the Illuminated Tarot condenses it all into 53 almost like a deck of playing cards, the major Arcana are represented by some of the minor arcana cards. Personally I don't like that for learning and meditation. I believe it takes away from what the deeper meaning of each of the Major Arcana represents and most Tarot readers will understand the importance of the major Arcana and the journey and may agree with me here. The way the author and artist has condensed the Tarot deck is very based upon her interpretation and her understanding of the tarot and where she sees connection is, and in some cases it contradicts my interpretation, I find that if you try to learn with a tarot deck where the artist has already implemented their meaning to each card then it can really put a blockade on your own intuition and even choke it. Although if you already have a strong foundation in Tarot reading you may find her interpretation to be very interesting and rise new questions and further your learning.
And if you also got the box set like me, you will know the book provided gives very very little insight besides two keywords, its not enough for a beginner, someone more advanced can do without the book altogether as they have probably built up their our understanding and resources, but like I said this deck of Tarot is a reinterpretation by the author and artist so I come across where my interpretation just is not the same as her's.

For a larger Tarot spread, or if I'm looking for a more in depth tarot reading I will not be reaching for the Illuminated Tarot deck, HOWEVER, for a single card reading or 3 card reading this deck is truly a wonderful deck, because it combines the Major Arcana into the Minor Arcana, I can give so much more insight just from drawing 1 card and so on.

In conclusion this deck is just such a beautiful deck and worth your time if you have been reading for some years. I would not recommend this deck for beginners or for large in depth readings however this has almost become my go to deck for quick 1 card reading.

Thank you for reading
Blessed be.
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Re: Anyone worked with this?
Post # 5
I appreciate your review.

To be honest my experience with target is beginner at best. My usuall method for fortune telling (which has been pretty accurate with some of my friends) was a method I created for myself. I had 11 tiles. 4 with symbols that represent the elements and 7 with specific flower designs. From these I did various types of daily and weekly readings and then I decided to move to a more traditional means of forunte telling.

So I looked to tarrot. However I do have a grasp of the significance of both the major and minor arcana. The main reason I bought this deck (and yes I have the lovely box set. Honestly the box is amazing and the book is okay tho very minimalistic) but right. The main reason I got it is because I'm accustomed to telling with a personal medium, this bridge deck can let me work with a smaller deck where I can go deeper into interpretation based on the general meanings of the cards.

Though at the moment I am only doing daily and 3 card readings with it.

Even though I intend to learn traditional tarrot readings, I believe in using the cards as a medium and devising a method close to you as a reader. This makes it I guess 'resonate' with you so you can be as connected to it as possible.

Though I must admit I know this deck has some issues and isn't for every situation, I am glad I own it. Tho I will be investing in a traditional deck as well.
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Re: Anyone worked with this?
Post # 6
Since you already have a strong background in fortune telling, you can definitely learn using deck, but like I said with a larger spread you'll find yourself "running out" of cards, but you can go more in depth in a smaller 3 card spread using this deck than a normal 78 deck tarot card.
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