Healing magick

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Healing magick
Post # 1
There are many steps to get to the power of healing.
I have come to find the best place to start are stones. Different stones hold different energies. The more research and physical touch to the stones, i could feel my knowledge heighten.

I made sure that i would cleanse my stones each month to clear out energies that weren't coming from them solely. There is also reason for the stones to recharge within the light of the moon.

I can see now that feeling and sensing the energy form the stones connected me closer to the earth. It opened me up to feeling the emotions that came within me.

It was very important to balance and ground back then. I remember feeling inner peace before i started towards the next step. I started to heal myself and heal plants. Mainly, i worked with trees. In all actuality, the trees worked with me.

Live beings have their own flow and balance. stones are like a past sensation stored inside itself. The tress i could feel growth and sometimes destruction. Following their lines, the weird cold sensation they left on the earth, i could find where they started and where they ended. The physical tree itself was visible to the eye, but their concerns were buried beneath them.

The energies told their emotions and distress. Even though a tree may look healthy on the outside, on the inside there were signals that were sent directly from their energy. I hugged them.

The first time felt so silly. I don't know why i did it. The term "tree huger" came to mind. It was then i could see the flow, the imbalance. Water, soil, and sunlight. Those are the physical needs of a plant. The flow of each tree type is different. The smaller they were, the faster the energy was being transfered. I saw white almost web like strings of energy that would be caught on the leaves. Then, as though it was snow, the energy melted into the tree.The trunk of the tree was where i saw the colors merge. Some times it was from white to green. Other times from white to silver, to gold.

The distress i noticed was when the energy didn't flow from the leaves to the root. Like a stream too small to hold the water inside, the trees would turn the energy outward. More and more colors would burst from the top and spread. It didn't completely leave the tree itself. I didn't realize it then; when i hugged a tree in the distressed form, i was grounding it. The energy would flow back downward. I would be connected temporarily feeling the energy shoot through me as well.

By aiding the tress i saw, i was essentially healing myself. The way your energy flows is very important. I have also come to know that you ask for permission even to the forest itself. Nature has a way to balance. The more i worked with it, the more i gained its' trust.

When i felt myself in distress, i could ask a tree (mentally of course!) to ground me. I could touch it and feel my negative energy leave me to flow underground. Looking closer i could see it changing back into nature's energy. The power of a tree isn't simple. If you can help the earth, i honestly think you should.

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Re: Healing magick
Post # 2
Another way to become attuned to energy is by moonlight or sun light. I began to notice slight differences with either one. The sun's rays pushes itself against beings. It doesn't go straight through. The energy to me smells like cinnamon.

There's a smokey effect that blends into almost dusty energy from the sun. The magnitude of the energy changes through out the day. I would have to say the strongest energy i have seen (and pulled) from the sun was during 2-4pm. My body almost always feels light with its' energy. Grounding is quite difficult when you start using the sun. There isn't a definitive force with sun. The energy itself dissolves into the skin or into the ground. It may take a bit, but when the energy enters, it's gone. You can't find a chunk of it or trances of what it looked like before. I tend to use this energy as a pick me up. When i feel down energy wise, the sun's energy tend to help elevate my energy flow. I have to balance out myself, but the rays are very useful to change your mood.

For the moonlight, it is a significant difference. Depending on which side the light comes from, you go through different phases. the best healing energy to draw is from the left side of the moon's light. oddly enough that is when the moon turns over to a new moon. somehow, this energy feels light, airy, soft to the touch, but very effective to transfer. The light on the right is strong. sometimes too much to take in. It is used to cleanse objects, people, and the earth. healing with it, forces the energy to go straight through. what ever is in its' path fuses with its' energy. I haven't been able to use moon light from the right to heal. I honestly don't think that is the purpose of the right side of the moon. Its a force to take away individuality. The purpose to erase away not to add-on. The light itself heightens your energy.

From day and night, energy flow is also different. left to right side of the body during the day (from above to below as well). During the nights energy looks like its' standing still. Seeing the grass, the energy flows like grains of sand. Bending in every which direction. The only times it flows down is when direct moon light hits the area.
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Re: Healing magick
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
This thread has been moved to Misc Topics from Other Paths.
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Re: Healing magick
Post # 4
This post was very informative and helpful. Thanks!:)
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Re: Healing magick
Post # 5
Glad to help!
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Re: Healing magick
Post # 6
Thank you! This post is of a lot of help. =)
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