It was a curse

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It was a curse
Post # 1
Firstly, my family is full of bad people on both sides. Specifically, my grandmother has always been evil in her own ways. She ruins lives and takes great pride in it. It got worse during the past 20 years; things my mom dealt with I dealt with but in worse forms and it was a constant attack. Seriously things during my time have been noticeably horrible in comparison to how my poor mom was treated.

When my grandmother moved into their home I was 3. A chicken foot landed on top of their 15 foot skylight. She responded by covering the glass with a sheet. And it went dark from there. Blinds closed, front door closed. Then black out curtains. Then no door open (2 sets of glass doors and full windows provides good light). Then foil over half one glass door set. Then the whole door. Then both rooms with glass doors are covered in foil with the blinds drawn and blackout curtains. And she kept getting new mirrors as time went on.

So, chicken foot curse: takes bad energy, multiplied, then sent back into bad persons life. That's exactly what happened.
But who sent the curse? I don't know how to find out. I do remember always thinking in that house 'I have to get out, I have to ge t out."
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Re: It was a curse
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hey, so I recommend doing a protection spell on the house and including a rune symbol called Berkana, this rune symbolizes the mother goddess and fertility. However, is it used to protect or to ward houses and places of worship. This shielding rune brings peace, love, and harmony to the home. I also recommend getting four pieces of black tourmaline and putting it around the house so it can suck up and block all unwanted energies. If you feel like your family has an enemy of some sort then you should crave or paint a rune symbol called Algiz in any natural based item. This rune provides protection from your enemies, shields its bearer from evil it also brings good fortune and builds up your life force. But, if you yourself feel like you were cursed I recommend doing a self-cleansing ritual and carrying some sort of protective gem or stone with you such as black tourmaline, abalone shell, aquamarine, or bronzite. Best of luck to you :D


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Re: It was a curse
Post # 3
what vozel said is right.but i doubt it will help for you.i have cleanesed many curses and exorcized. there is one thing other people dont understand.that is mastering.

to make symbol,spells,ritual to work, one needd to read,use it over and over regularly for a time. it is important for every spell or ritual or rune or symbol using. but you dont have any experience. i advice you to go to a reliable exorcist who can heal and cure curses. you were probably struck with kufuri.
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Re: It was a curse
Post # 4
I'm pretty sure I helped get rid of it while doing something else. Time will tell like with all things, but let's just see what happens. The time part of it plus my involvement in that house just made things strange.
I'm against going to others to have them do something for you, unless something immediately dangerous seems to be happening. I also just don't have the money to pay some random person that might not help. I'm I did I might.
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Re: It was a curse
By: / Novice
Post # 5
ok, well, just from a logical standpoint, at 3 while you can have long term memories, it's difficult to determine fantasy from reality [i have this very vivid memory of a dream i had most nights at that age] so you could of either imagined this chicken leg/tin foil thing, or as a child you didn't fully grasp what was happening and thought 'this looks like tin foil' when in actuality it was something else, like they were fixing the glass, decorating for a holiday, or perhaps someone suffered migraines and the light was hurting them. [i'm not saying you're wrong, i'm saying look through any logical options first] plus, there's a lot of symptoms of a curse, the thought 'i have to get out' could be one of the signs, but it could also be a sign of tension in the home [as a kid not only were my parents going though a nasty divorce, fighting for 3 years, but my grandmother hated my mom, so there's many times i would pack a suitcase and run away to live in the woods because i just felt i should run away... they always found me because i would always move into this one grove of trees my grandfather used as a shelter on long days working the fields]

anyway, curse or no curse, regular cleansing/protections are always a great idea [especially in toxic environments] this clears away stagnant energy which can cause negative effects to those living in the home. the protection spell is basically a way to symbolically lock the door to the energy. there's a ton of methods so find the one that works for you [the key is energy and focus. don't doubt yourself you're doing it wrong, or that your 'evil grandmother is stronger' these doubts will weaken your energy]

if you still have the chicken foot and/or whatever else you suspect was used in a curse, take it and place it in a box. you could use a mirror box, or fill the box with sand [both options trap the energy and cleanse it] then bury the box far off property where it can slowly die off without harming anyone. regarding mirrors [as you mentioned your grandmother owned mirrors] these items have a long history, and can be used for good or evil depending. she could of just had a thing for mirrors [i collect dragon statues, she might collect mirrors] on a magickal level, mirrors are sometimes used to reflect energy back [why romani and romanichals wear mirrors and reflective items in their scarfs and skirts to reflect evil eyes and negative energies] on a sinister note, it is believed spirits can enter through mirrors, but really this all comes down to how you use this tool. [i also know of a black mirror cleansing where you place a mirror coloured black in the corner of the room to absorb negative energy, then mark it with an X to seal it]
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