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I need help
Post # 1
Very best of evenings to you all. I am new to the site but been practicing for quite some time but have been limited. I really only have experience in the dark arts but like to learn everything. Anyway enough rambling, I have a serious inquiry and please only serious answers. I have a best friend with whom I've always had feelings for and now we've been friends for 4+ years and I'm afraid I've fallen in love. Certain things have happened and I'm afraid I'm "friend zoned" but we've been there for each other through everything and I am desperately searching for a spell to fix my situation so I can sweep her off her feet and make her my queen. If anyone can help please contact me. I'll owe you one
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Re: I need help
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Demonstrate value and cause there to be sexual tension. 10 to 1 if you do spell work itll mess you u and get you obsessed.

If youre friend zoned then you have to create sexual tension to get out of that and to seal the deal you must demonstrate high positive value.

Good luck!!

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Re: I need help
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Sometimes it just takes an honest conversation, and openly letting your friend know that you would like the relationship to become something more. For all you know your friend might be feeling 'friend zoned' as well and wanting things to progress too.

Maybe start simply though. I would suggest setting up a date for just the two of you. Invite her/him out to an actual date like dinner and a movie, or dinner and a visit to the driving range or arcade, or whatever the both of you are into. Give it a bit of romantic flair. Offer a rose or a touch of chocolate. Make it fun though, and be relaxed. keep your expectations relaxed though.

Even if the night goes off without a hitch, and nothing happens at the end of it, it doesn't mean he/she will necessarily be leaping into your arms right away. But it will demonstrate a desire to move the relationship forward, and might open the door for more dates over time.

Keep in mind that relationships are journeys, not light switches. No single action will suddenly make the relationship kick into the gear you want it to. Heck it took three months of dating before my girlfriend and I even called ourselves in a relationship.
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Re: I need help
Post # 4
While love spells and such are available, there are always high warnings when messing with free will and matters of the heart. If she's not your soul mate, you can end up in a very messy situation. Magic is a gift for both light and dark. Abuse it and the law of three applies. Be human and humble. That might be your best cause of action.
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Re: I need help
Post # 5
Nope. The Law of Three doesn't apply to everyone, just those who choose to believe in it.
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Re: I need help
Post # 6
Love magic. Attraction, soul mates, binding, and in some cases pain. Lots and lots of pain.

Everyone will probably tell you no, don't do it. That love magic is either immoral or dangerous, but honestly, the morality of a spell depends on so many factors, not one situation can be truly compared to an other. Magic is very much like that, as there are many many ways to go about solving the same situation (even with similar spells) that end up completely different in morality.

Love magic (or rather, relationship magic in general) seems to be what everyone wants help with, and I really do see why. Love is such a powerful force, and with such great passion comes such great intent. I honestly find it beautiful.

But with such passion, does come such debate. Many people have their sides, all varying shades to the same gradient: is love magic moral? Is it even safe?

... Well, yes it is.... And no it's not.
Magic really does have its grey sides but that grey depends on you.

From the tone you have set forth in your post, as well as the information you have provided, (please correct me if I am wrong in anyway) you are a beginning dark arts practitioner with some experience who has fallen to some degree (most likely great for such a switch) in love with a friend of yours who may or may not be interested but you are uncertain. Your goal is nothing more than to prove your emotions and convince her.

Well, there is most definitely a theoretical "white," "grey," and "black" to this situation. Luckily, you're the one who gets to decide what to do, which method to take, and how you'll go about this.

Now, I always suggest trying your hand at the physical work first (and from the sounds on it, you are a romantic. Usually that's a win). Talking, confessing, those awkward, "I'm not sure why I feel like this..." moments were the words just accidentally spill from your lips? They can be truly magical.

But, if you have already tried the above, and/or you would like to discuss the morality, the risks, and so forth of love magic, send me a message. I would love to discuss it with you and we can find a path that makes you feel comfortable without rushing into things. And of course, you don't owe me anything. Share the kindness for kindness, help for help. Maybe one day, you'll help someone else in this exact situation.
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