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Pentacles Protection
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
~Please, enjoy this thread about pentacles protection casting~

Enjoy working with these pentacles. They can really add power and a punch to your protection magick. I really recommend using them.

The Fourth Pentacle of the Moon:

The Fourth Pentacle of the Moon is ideally reproduced in silver ink. But, you can also print or draw this pentacle on a silver-like craft paper. You should only create this pentacle on a Monday since Monday is associated with the Moon. The Fourth Pentacle of the Moon will defend you from all evil and protect your soul from harm and negativity. The pentacle is linked to the angel Sophiel. Sophiel is believed to grant knowledge of all herbs and stones to whoever calls upon her. So, if you do work with herbal magick I recommend working with Sophiel since is it believed to grant knowledge on herbs and stones. Sophiel was also known to be very large, loud and powerful and extremely loving and ego less so don't be scared with working with her.

The Sixth Pentacle of Jupiter:

The Sixth Pentacle of Jupiter is traditionally drawn in blue ink. But, you can always print or draw this pentacle on blue paper. You should only create this pentacle on Thursday since it is the day that is associated with Jupiter. Traditionally, this pentacle will protect you against all earthly dangers.

The Second Pentacle of Saturn:

The Second Pentacle of Saturn is traditionally drawn in lack in. But, you can always print it or draw it onto parchment-looking-scrap-booking paper. You should only create this pentacle on a Saturday since it is associated with the planet Saturn. This pentacle with help you overcome your adversaries. This particular pentacle features the famous SATOR arrangement of letters that is most of the time referred to in medieval magick. This is a square of five letters in five rows, looking carefully you will see that the letters spell sator on the top, bottom, and side of the box going up, down, and front to back. Here is a list of translated Hebrew characters:

  • Sator
  • Apepo
  • Tenet
  • Opera
  • Rotas
  • ~A picture of each Pentacle will be in my photos~

    Hope you guys enjoy this thread! Please, feel free to add any information I left out! :)

    Source: Practical Protection Magick by Ellen Dugan

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    Re: Pentacles Protection
    Post # 2
    5th Pentacle of Saturn can be used to protect your home and possessions, and the 3rd for protection against malevolent entities.
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