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AP experience
Post # 1
The first time I ever astraled was in school. It was scary. I felt myself leave my body. Everything went dark. It took me some time to open my "eyes" I felt weird. As if i couldn't move myself. I slowly was able to look behind me to see this weird string. I was still so scared. I didn't know what happened. It took forever to move my legs. When i did, i realized the ground was moving with me. There was no air, there was no sun, nothing. I couldn't see in color. I tried hard to remember where I was and who i was.

And then I was back. I could hear the people around me. i could smell, taste, and see again. I was shaking all over. I don't think anyone noticed. This was a part of time where I lost time. I lost my senses and as a child i didn't know what to think.

I was trying astral before then. Meditating over and over. Going through each technique that was taught to me. I never expected it to happen when my eyes were open. I came home that day researching what happened and how. The only thing i could find was an article about my third eye. I read on to find that it was something that was a part of you. All one had to do was open it. I somehow managed to do that. I wanted to do it again. And the string i saw, it was a "life line." What connects me to my body.
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Re: AP experience
Post # 2
I mediated every single day after that. I switched over to learning how to open my third eye. For a while to colors swirled in the back of my head. I spoke to friends about what happened. None had answers. I felt so alone. I took a break from everything. I let my mind and body rest.

That's when i starting having surreal dreams. I went places i never could. It was flashes of people i''ve never seen before. Voices all saying things at once. So much food being eaten. When i woke up i could feel the people around me. taste the foods that i smelled. No one was there. No. One.

The second time i astraled was once again at school. This time in the hallway. I felt myself grow smaller. Then my foot steps, other people's foot steps disappeared. Once again i lost my eye sight. I realized i had to meditate. I was able to open my third eye. That's when i saw them. The people in my dreams. They were black and white. Yet, there was a glow coming form each one. They spoke to me. One at a time. It was spoken by all of them that they were glad i could see and hear them. I went up. I don't know how, but i went up to get home. I forced my third eye closed and kept thinking, i have to go home. The sounds of foot steps came back. I could see my classmates again. In a literal blink of an eye i was back. But how.. how did i see all of what i did in a second? walk up so far to go back and time didn't move at all?

I went home to once again research. It was then i learned of planes. I wasn't in my world anymore I was somewhere so different. I never knew where i went, but i know the people i saw, were spirits.
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Re: AP experience
Post # 3
After months of meditating, and opening my third eye, i started to see that glow again, but with my human eyes. I found that to be auras. The people around me poured their emotions in the air. I could see them go by and feel each and every one.

I learned the hard way that someone like me needed a shield. A barrier to keep others' out of my emotions and vice versa. It took some time to master a simple technique. The bubble.

My body felt tired. Even though i slept well in the nights. I finally found a mentor, who then told me astral takes a toll on the person's physical body. I needed to sleep. For real. No traveling. My mentor showed me how to control myself. I would always look for the string in my "dreams." That was my indicator that i wasn't dreaming. I was taught to lay back down and see my physical body. I would jump awake each time.

With that, my next step was to control my astraling. Control what can not be controlled. I thought differently in the astral. I was unpredictable. My time was spent on sleeping better. My grades slipped. Fear was taking over. I found on sites that "bad things" existed in the astral. "It" wanted a body and "it" can cut your string.

With the knowledge i learned, i stopped astraling. I stopped magick. All that i loved to do. My need to learn ceased. I let go.

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Re: AP experience
Post # 4
It took years for me to learn otherwise. I met a teacher who taught me the basics. Of magick and of astral. She told me that what i learned was bull. She honestly believed ones' body is their own. There is no demon, no spirit that can unbind you so easily as to cut your "string." She taught me confidence.

Above all else, she taught me to believe in my magick. To do good, never bad. She showed me different ways of protection. Different barriers and to let myself in. My body is my temple; to learn is to start with yourself.

I realized by then my AP was not the same as others. I didn't need to be a sleep. I could astral with my eyes open. I could see my astral self and my astral self can see my physical body. I could be walking and talking to others as my astral self is right there circling us. As soon as i connected with my astral self, i knew things i didn't before. I was somehow seeing and hearing things outside my body that would help people.

Even now as i type, i'm astraling. I found my guides, i found my soul. i want to learn more. I want to help others learn too. The gifts i have came to me for a reason. That reason i believe is to help those in need.
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Re: AP experience
Post # 5
That sounded a really intresting experience. And obviously you've been through some obstacles but you made it in the end. :) And your abilities are great, honestly; everybody would love to have them (no, I do not specifically talk about me I mean it hahaha).

I honestly believe you can help people greatly, I mean, you go through forums and answer instantly what you saw; which means you see it instantly astraly (I think astrally). That's a great ability. Continue the hard work, you're going great, it's honestly the first time I see such a willingness and ability to help others so much.
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Re: AP experience
Post # 6
Kimmiko, you amaze with not only with your dedication to others but also your natural ability!!! This truly is remarkable for a first time experience, and second, and third! You really can help others with this skill! I bet you will
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