The Air Element

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The Air Element
Post # 1
We're accepting new members! Coven Link for easier finding:

Who We Are:
Here within our coven, you will find a group of individuals that work together to learn, play, and grow. We are a crazy little family, that spans the gap on both sides of the spectrum. Light, dark, and things in between. Our members come from all across the world, and all walks of life.

Here, we value diversity and believe that we should be like air. We are boundless. We are free. We do not fit into the cookie-cutter boxes of others, and that's perfectly fine. We, like magic, are often not so easily defined.
What We Offer:
Within our coven, there is something for everyone. We focus on element magic (connecting with elemental energies and incorporating them into spell and ritual work), spirit work, divination, path-working exercises, curse work, and everything in between. We do not limit ourselves to a specific area of study. Again, like air, we are boundless and free.

That said, we welcome all paths and practices and beginners to the experienced. We invite everyone to join our coven, as long as members practice maturity and respect. We are a family friendly coven that works toward building strong bonds among our members, and encouraging diversity and fellowship.

What Our Forums Have to Offer:
-The Basics
-Spell Casting Tips
-Working with the elements & their energies
-Working with elemental beings
-Sigil use and creation
-Herbs & Things
-Magical Propeties of Gems and Stones
-Sympathetic Magic
-Elixirs & Potions
-Basic Path-working.
-Healing Methods
-Lucid Dreaming
-Curse Work
-Blood Magic
& Much More!


If you would like to join, please fill out the following application questions and mail them to NovelDragon, the Priestess, and Spirit76, the Priest's alternate account.

We thoroughly look over all applications, so it may take a bit for us to get back to you. Allow us a few days hours to look over everything and make a determination. Please click the "Join Coven" button when you send in an application, as we cannot promote you without you being on the pending list.

Please also be sure to have a picture and brief bio on your profile, as this can help us in our decision making process.

Application Questions:
-Path or Practice:
-Years of Study or Experience:
-What is magic to you?
-Why do you wish to join?
-List any other accounts that you have now, or have had in the past.
-Are you a member of any other covens?
-Anything else that you would like to add.
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Re: The Air Element
Post # 2
Best of luck to both of you
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Re: The Air Element
By: / Novice
Post # 3
Gook luck!
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Re: The Air Element
Post # 4
Thank you two!
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Re: The Air Element
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

I wish you luck Novel :D

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