Black magic beginner

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Black magic beginner
Post # 1
How do i start doing black magic ? How could i learn from a demon or a enity that could teach me how to do black magic?
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Re: Black magic beginner
By: / Novice
Post # 2

Magick is magick, it is only the intent that changes when someone discusses "black" magick, it is merely for a negative purpose. Because of this, you learn just like anyone else would, by studying, not by summoning demons.

It is best not to jump too far ahead of yourself, summoning demons is not the place to start your learning as it requires knowledge that you likely do not have yet.

There are lots of good beginner books online, many can be bought while some are pdf documents.

This website also has some good beginner links that are a good read to get you started:

  • Starting Out:
  • The Basics Expanded:
  • Visualization:
  • Centering + Grounding:
  • How to write a spell:
  • Troubleshooting Spells:
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Re: Black magic beginner
By: / Novice
Post # 3
magick is intent, not colour. if you can cast a spell you can cast any type. most people would consider 'black magick' to be curses [and again, magick is a grey scale where it's based on your moral view] if you wish to learn how to curse someone, charge the energy as you would for any spell, but when you focus your intent, instead of focusing on positive things [good fortune or love] focus your hatred/anger towards the person/situation. that's the only real difference between casting 'white magick' and 'black magick'

regarding demons and the like, i would do a bit of research on the demon in question [look into necromancy perhaps] before attempting to summon one. demons are tricksters, they aren't all evil, but they will manipulate to get what they want, so it's best to research and understand a specific class/type of demon before you summon one so you know what you're getting into.

personally i would just pick up a few books on curses to understand them better and how to cast them [maybe a book on Voodoo/Hoodoo since some see it as 'dangerous' due to a few spells. not saying it is, they're just more open about talking about curses and 'scary' spellwork] as will as look through TheLadyGraveDancers video archives to find any spells or vlogs discussing demons, spirits, and various 'black magick' type spellworks.
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