Get rid of pain?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Get rid of pain?

Get rid of pain?
Post # 1
I have been having a very bad problem with pain in my hip(s). Ever since I was little I would sit on my knee's causing my knee caps to shift and pop out of place or lock up... and a few year's back I had torn my labrum from a soccer injury & wasn't able to get it fixed until a year later due to being a female and only hitting puberity a year or two earlier ( The shifting of the hips during cycles would cause the surgery to be useless, so I had to wait until I couldn't take the pain and finally got the surgery). I had anchor's put in, and went about the recorvery period. Two years after that I had to go back in, since the anchor's had popped out.
Not to mention that, getting the surgery gave me an increased risk of getting arthritis at a younger age, then I probably would have in the future. When I went back the second time, there were small sign's of it.
I recently fell, and hurt my hip and it has been a few day's, and my hips & knee's are acting up again.
With all that being said, I am not much a fan of doctor's, and due to my being afraid to leave the house, am in no reason to see one. I was wondering if anyone knew of some herbal or natural ways in order to help with the pain. I know that herbal/natural medicine can only do so much. But if anyone know's of some natural ways to help with the pain, it would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Get rid of pain?
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Its good that you are looking for lots of options to help your situation.

Having as many options as possible is good on so many levels.

Dont discount the option of western medicine. It is highly effective, but when you talk to a doctor, you want to keep the conversation going about healing, fixing and resolving the issue. The issue you described sounds like something that can and should be addressed medically.

But...acupuncture, chiropractic and some kind of physical strengthening may be really useful.

Strengthening your "core" has an immense impact on how the rest of your body operates. So thats from the neck down to your waist and i would even include hamstrings and quads.

I dont have your specific problem but i do use acupuncture very frequently to aid in recovery from physical training and keeping my body functioning at peak performance. I use herbals and supplements to continue to build strength and keep my physical body happy.

You have an athletic background and maybe this is all stuff youve done before. I really feel for you because this kind of pain must be so debilitating. I hope you get answers and help.

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Re: Get rid of pain?
Post # 3
Thank you for your comment. I have a small athletic background, it was my first year of soccer, and sadly it ended badly. After-wards, I was never the same. Sports, never liked me :)
I couldn't run on uneven ground, and even ground was still hard for me, and I still can't. I wake up some morning's with pain, so bad, I just lay in bed till it goes away. I can't take pain killer's, because my body built up a good tolerance from one of them, and the other's tend to make me sick. I use to take Tylenol all the time, because it helped. Plus, that's what I was given after the surgeries. But now it does nothing. Like I said, I have to watch with other's due to some make me sick.
I'm almost 19, and I don't want to have to go back for another surgery for the same thing, or get something else done, and up my ability for arthritis. I already have a family history of it.
But I have never tried the thing's you mentioned. I will certainly look into them. Thank you very much
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Re: Get rid of pain?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Acupuncture, chiropractic and core strengthening made a huge difference. I have never experienced what you describe and im so so sorry you have to deal with that.

Ive also done Chinese herbal medicine and that was effective too. I just would not want to steer you away from staying in touch with a doctor.

Good luck Chakra and if you get some positive results please share them?

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Re: Get rid of pain?
Post # 5
Thank you so much! And I understand, going to a doctor is a good thing. It is just hard for me. Plus it would be extremely hard if i was told there is something wrong and that i would have to get another surgery.
It does suck, but it's life.
Thank you very much, again, and i will be sure to share if thing's work out :)
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Re: Get rid of pain?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Reiki and meditation can also help if you wanted to study into it a bit. Body awareness can go a long ways in helping you be aware of your body's limits, and also in understanding exactly what is happening when something is going wrong. basic instinct is usually to physically and consciously recoil away from the pain experience. But you can learn a lot about the issue if you are able to consciously dive in to the pain instead. Obviously don't try to push into the pain physically as the object is to understand, not do more damage ^_^.

Put your attention directly towards the pain. where is it, how is it shaped, is it in a tendon, muscle, or bone. What kind of pain is it- stabbing, tearing, burning, sharp or dull, swelling, throbbing, etc etc. Every detail you can glean is information to use later.

Also don't ever be afraid to talk to the doctor about the situation, and ask questions. Ask about alternative options. Ask about supplements that can boost healing of the particular injury. (Like glucosamine for joints, etc). Ask about physiotherapy exercises or stretches you can do. If surgery is mentioned, ask why it is necessary. Ask if there are alternatives. The more dialogue yyou can have the better. And if the doctor tries to sideline or avoid the questions, or if the doctor gets uppity about them, then you have the absolute right to tell him to pack it up and that you want to work with a different doctor.

A good doctor should treat surgery as a last resort. Most things that a person encounters in life can heal naturally if given the right opportunity.
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Re: Get rid of pain?
Post # 7
Thank you
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